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posted on 26th Jan 09 at 18:38

How much did you sell the wheels for? ALOT i hope because i want some :( ha


posted on 25th Jan 09 at 19:53

UPDATE! RH cup alloys have been sold now! Car is sitting on steelies Photos to come!!!!!!


posted on 19th Jan 09 at 17:04

Theyre custom made items


posted on 19th Jan 09 at 10:25

how did u get your rear arches like that?


posted on 18th Jan 09 at 20:48

f*cking love it m8


posted on 18th Jan 09 at 15:08

rims have sold hopefully, and the car is all set to change soon. thanks for comments


posted on 18th Jan 09 at 13:58

Still looks good !!


posted on 18th Jan 09 at 12:52

love it! well mostly, not keen on rear camber :S


posted on 18th Jan 09 at 12:36

my fav 5 door well done looks great :thumbs:


posted on 18th Jan 09 at 12:16

Saw it in M Suttons Thread and thort i would do one myself. Before and After!




posted on 12th Jan 09 at 20:24

wonderful project thread. a logical sequence and a good read.

M Sutton

posted on 12th Jan 09 at 19:35

Looking good mate, look forward to seeing what you do next!


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 19:20

Nah i built that fibreglass build, which has a flat wooden base, then i screwed the amp to it from underneath


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 19:10

did you not put a false floor in?


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 19:09

to cover what? the original carpet isnt needed anymore


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 19:04

u just use the carpet u have now to cover it then


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 18:55

mine is below the plastic trim so i jsut drew around the carpet, mines not perfect tho, Thanks


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 18:51

hey mate very nice indeed just a question tho how did you get the cut right on the boot instill i mean round the plastic trim im in the process of puttin a false floor in mine and cant get the mdf shaped right at all


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 18:45

Future plans may be revealed soon! keeping shhh for now, gota save up till i can afford certain things.


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 18:35

really smart this! wats the future plans then? door handles?


posted on 12th Jan 09 at 18:33

Ive redone my whole project Thread, i didnt enjoy to read my old one so surely some of you didnt, its more of a timeline of mods etc and more interesting! Hope you understand! Enjoy

Back in November 2006 I bought my first car for the grand sum of 500, a 1995 Vauxhall Corsa 5 door Merit! didnt plan to do much but oh how i forgot what i said.
heres what happened . . .

Car as standard, started modding it before i thought to take any photos, so this is the earliest photo i have of it!

The next few mods were Lexus lights, Alloys, M3 mirrors, you could see the direction it was headed and not a good one at that.

Next came the usual stuff - Headunit and audio gear, did my first small install, pedals, gear knob etc etc.

Then i Bought some 40mm lowering springs still just doing my own thing with the car, and also tidied up parts with a wire brush on a drill and some black hammerite.
Nice new Gmax springs

Before lowering

After lowering

i decided to go euro with the project, there were no 5 door euro corsas to my knowledge so it seemed the best way to go. I started to
buy Items along the way, first being the Mattig DTM cup mirrors, bargain at 40 posted, (worth alot more), i also gave away the lexus lights
and half tinted some standard rear lights. While the car was like this i wos searching for a set of dished euro rims.

Heres a few pictures of when i painted the Mattig mirrors

A comparison from the water filled lexus lights, think the new half tints look much better.

By this time i had sourced and bought Coilovers, Dished euro rims, Depo headlights, and pressed plates. This was a defining moment for hte car
i feel as it looked great in my opinion

The result!!!!

Smoooooth Gsi bumper


Then i set about having the rear bumper and the front arches colour coded to make the car more presentable.
Custom rear bumper and arches just in time for Modified Nationals 2008.

Also had Momo Team 280mm and a Side exit exhaust from exhaust UK in sheffield fitted.I also trimmed the rooflining, all door cards
and other various panels in a biscuit suede, many said it wudnt look right but never had a bad comment.

By this time, and after being reversed into and my smooth gsi showing signs of disrepair, i thought that the front needed to match the rear,
so for a week and jsut days before trax 2008 the car was back into the bodyshop, here are the results.

You may also notice i had changed the rear lights
when i picked the car up from the bodyshop from having the rear end done, i decided the black and half red lights looked shite, so these
were the best thing for the car In my opinion.

I hated the stance of the car being that the rear wheels were tucked too far into the rear wide arch, so 20mm spacers and a touch of ghetto camber sorted that out.

Here is a little boot build i made, i got bored and i wanted to learn to make them. turned out well

Hope you enjoyed my progress thread so far, there is alot more to come, various parts are for sale, moving onto bigger and better things

Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Edited on 25-01-2009 by karisma_corsa]