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posted on 7th Sep 07 at 20:08

mines fixed at 5.25.. until 2017


posted on 7th Sep 07 at 18:11



posted on 6th Sep 07 at 07:18

Today they could go up once more.


posted on 6th Sep 07 at 00:27

They meet monthy and change it when they feel it needs doing.

Minutes are here -

You can see how the votes are cast for rate changes on the last page which normally indicates what is going to happen the following month.

August they all voted to stay at 5.75%.

posted on 5th Sep 07 at 18:12

Good points Ian, how often does the BoE base rate change?


posted on 5th Sep 07 at 10:41

Originally posted by IvIarkgraham
im on 2 year fixed rate

I'm on 4.


posted on 5th Sep 07 at 00:04

If you're close to what you can afford then a fixed rate guarantees that your monthly outgoings aren't going to go up and jeopardise your house.

It also protects you against rate increases, which still could happen.

Having said that, because the market is in panic mode where rates are concerned, the deals on fixed products are absolutely crap.

Safe and reassuring, but you'll pay for that peace of mind.

If you don't care about safety - like me - get a BoE tracker. Great deals at the moment because no one is buying them and if inflation stabilises they might get cheaper. Plus you don't have to remortgage every two years and spend hundreds of pounds in fees doing so.

Ultimately you need to make a decision based on what your priorities are. If in doubt play it safe and look happy. Even if you tie-in to something higher than the prevailing rate, at least you know what your outgoings are.


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 20:04

house prices dropping :o

the problem with the house prices is, people keep buying the houses, as people need houses, there will always be people, they will always need houses


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 17:12

im on a 2 year fixed will look eles were when its up


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 15:55

yeah, as Dean said they havent much chance of dropping due to normal market fluctuations.

Only way values will drop is something happening in that particular area, and if thats the case you've not one your homework before buying or its a new thing after purchasing.


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 15:53

im on 2 year fixed rate


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 14:57

house prices dropping :! :lol:

It won't happen. They plateau sometimes, but always increase. Over the past god knows how long house prices have, on average, doubled every 10 years.


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 14:47

Is anyone worried about house prices dropping when buying at susch high figures. im buying for 120k and its scary!!


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 14:46

Yeah that sounds like a good idea.. I think with the way im streaching my funds to buy a fixed id a must. 2 years would give me time sus the market..


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 14:15

Personally, at this moment in time i'd go for a two year fixed, at least for a little while you know exactly what your paying and can sus out which way interest is going, and if at the end of the two years it has dropped, you can switch over to the variable rate.


posted on 4th Sep 07 at 13:57

Is it still a good idea to go for a fixed mortgege?

I hear bits and bobs about a possible drop in rates, but not enough to decide.