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Daimo B

posted on 8th Jun 07 at 15:02

I'll take some better pictures, they both suck.


posted on 8th Jun 07 at 14:45

That looks nice, i'd give anything for a flat garden instead of one with a concrete bit and a manky garage base :(

Daimo B

posted on 8th Jun 07 at 11:21

Oh yeah, mines filtered. Pumps in the lower pond and the filter unit is submerged in the ground. Take the top off, pull it out, spend ages cleaning it.....

Pump stays constently submerged in the lower pond.

Think our pump/filter combo come to like 250-300, but we got it from a aquarium, so probably got a little lubed up....

Ours pumps water about 1.5 meter vertically, and travels about 5 meters horizontally.

We've got slate in the river to naturally filter out some of the rubbish that runs down the stream. Slate is one of the best natural cleaners.

This is ours to give you an idea... Smallish waterfall/trickle fromt eh top pond, then about a 20-30cm waterfall from the stream into the bottom pond.

[Edited on 08-06-2007 by VXR]


posted on 8th Jun 07 at 11:03

about 2 - 2 and a half feet high so the ledge can be sat on like a bench

The total width from one side to the other is about 1.8m so that gives me 1.2m for the liner, 60cm to make a small waterfall

Like daimo says i like the idea of building up a small pool at the top, with a piece of smooth slate as a waterfally bit going down into the liner with just a few lillies and stuff, and hopefully if i have room plant round the edges and put nice stones down


posted on 8th Jun 07 at 10:48

Get a solids handling pump and external filter, never have to clean the pump then :D Ally, that liner seems very small :S How high do you want the pond?

Daimo B

posted on 8th Jun 07 at 10:40

Pond at thte bottom, then the pump feeds a pipe to the top, where you can have another pond that overflows into a waterfall, or just create a little river that goes into a waterfall.

I've got a large pond up the top with fish, a small pond at the bottom thats all swampy (got newts and they are protected so we leave it natural). The top pond overflows into a stream, which runs down the side of the garden into a little waterfall into the bottom pond.

Don't forget, the pumps arn't all that cheap, and need regulary cleaning out. Mine stinks like mould water at the moment. NEeds a serious clean :lol:


posted on 8th Jun 07 at 06:57

Pretty much matt, bricking from the left hand side of the stairs across to the bathroom and filling it

I looked at some of the prefab ones, the cream ones dont really look that good, how do u make your own waterfall? I only want a smallish one about 30 - 40 cm high just so i get the noise (ahhh relaxing :lol: )

My liner is 1m x 70cm, i dont know how much water it holds thou!


posted on 7th Jun 07 at 21:46

Im a bit confused...
Are you pretty much bricking up from between the left hand side of the stairs up to the wall on the left, and then using the enclosed bit behind to put the raised pond? I would recommend making your own waterfall if possible as a lot of the prefab ones either look a bit shit, or need integrating into the surroundings anyway so you may just as well make one. The choice of pump depends entirely on the volume of water in the pond and the height that it has to pump to, ideally you want a pond turnover rate of 2 hours.
With regards to setting everything up, you will need an electricity feed to outside which MUST be connected to an RCD (mine isn't yet :o ) then get a switched waterproof junction box (I got mine off ebay). The pump will connect to the filter with flexihose and clips, and then you need a return to the top of the waterfall. If I can help you any more then post away :D


posted on 6th Jun 07 at 07:22

Maybe i should just u2u matt :lol:

I have got my liner, i bought a preformed one about 1m x 70cm as i only want a small raised one in the corner of the garden. I'd really like to get a waterfall but seeing as i dont know what im doing - what do i get?

My house is very old so i'd like somthing that fits in with it so no contempory stuff. This is what i've got to work with -

It looks abit different now as its been painted but i had planned to build a raised pond to the left, behind the bathroom in that gap if you know what i mean. A waterfall tucked round the corner going into the pond, then down into the pond. I plan to build the raised bed for the pond and make it rectangular, with the waterfall and pond and then the edges done with nice plants

It will meet the stairs and go from the stairs to the left of the bathroom and i'll put fancy slabs across that bit to make it sit-able on

Does this make sense? :lol:

I really need help with -

1. What waterfall to get
2. Where to put it
3. What pump to get
4. What to dowith the pump once ive got it
5. Setting absolutely everything up

I know how im building the frame to sit the liner in and filling the sand etc etc so im good with that!

mwah xx