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posted on 28th Aug 15 at 14:00

few of my recent ones

BWDSC_1353 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

Not really B&W I suppose

DSC_0487 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

BWDSC_9173 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

BWDSC_8995 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

DSC_8488BW by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr


posted on 28th Aug 15 at 13:56

awesome Rob

Rob E

posted on 12th Mar 15 at 21:54

Thought I'd get this going again! I've been trying out the DxO optics pro over the past month and I have been hugely impressed with it. It blows Lightroom out of the water for RAW file adjustment. I highly recommend any serious photography fans who shoot RAW to download the 30 day free trial and have a play. It's brilliant and the high iso noise reduction feature is out of this world.

Anyway, part of the DxO software includes a module called Film Pack. It essentially processes your image using different presets which replicate all sorts of camera films and photo papers. Another plus point for DxO. Here are some images I've processes with it using a b&w setup

DxO film 2 by rob.evans22, on Flickr

Dxo film 1 by rob.evans22, on Flickr

Week-8-Relax by rob.evans22, on Flickr

Week-2-Fragile by rob.evans22, on Flickr

[Edited on 12-03-2015 by Rob E]

Rob E

posted on 17th Mar 14 at 21:55

Actually used my camera this weekend :!

Rob E

posted on 16th Jan 14 at 20:17

Impressive mate. I really struggle to make B&W "pop" like some of that set


posted on 13th Jan 14 at 10:53

Yeah, never ceases to impress me either.


posted on 12th Jan 14 at 22:21

X10 is a great camera, never regretted getting mine thanks to you bailing


posted on 12th Jan 14 at 20:07

Few of mine. Think they're all shot with the X10's built in film simulator.


posted on 10th Jan 14 at 09:58

Oxford - September 2013

BWDSC_3583 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

BWDSC_3573 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

BWDSC_3678 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

BWDSC_3601 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

BWDSC_3655 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

[Edited on 10-01-2014 by whitter45]


posted on 9th Jan 14 at 22:27

With mine was duplicate layer, top layer black and white, then cut out the bits you want in colour

Whitters are awesome, I hate him. Rich, well travelled bastard :mad:

[Edited on 09-01-2014 by Cavey]


posted on 9th Jan 14 at 21:57

Selective colour tool in cs6 Rob. I agree sometimes they work sometimes they don't

Rob E

posted on 9th Jan 14 at 21:11

Nice photos guys :) How are you doing your colour pops? I've never ever tried it. I'm not a huge fan of it personally. A majority of the colour pop photos I see just remind me of the Canvas photos you see in B&M hombargains :lol:


posted on 9th Jan 14 at 16:10

Marble Church

DSC_1539BW by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

DSC_1531BW by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr


posted on 9th Jan 14 at 16:09

Yosemite July 2013

BWDSC_2190a by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

DSC_2154 CS by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr

Next to our house

BWDSC_2990 by Paul Whitt82, on Flickr


posted on 9th Jan 14 at 15:11

Cathcart Church shot a few years back.

Nikon D90, Sigma 10-20


posted on 7th Jan 14 at 15:09

couple of mine

one with a bit of colour left

Rob E

posted on 6th Jan 14 at 18:16

Sorry Christopher, I just went straight in with the photography lingo! A RAW file is a digital negative. It holds upto 5 times the amount of information that your average jpeg image holds. This means you can pull a lot more details out of black shadows and blown highlights. When I say I processes the image, I mean I adjusted it to my taste. You can fiddle with tonnes of different aspects like contrast, vibrancy, sharpness, colour correction and tone depth etc. The black and white conversion allows you to adjust each colour individually and can give the photo a bit more "pop". The dodge and burn technique basically means lightening (dodge) or darkening (burn) certain parts of the image to make it stand out, and create a more of a focal point in the image.


posted on 5th Jan 14 at 17:59

:facepalm: :lol: The way it was worded i thought it was a process or something :lol:


posted on 4th Jan 14 at 22:52

Tbh, I didn't change the colours from the camera, just duplicated layer, and cut round the eyes. I should of processed it more admittedly. But I liked it, so left it as is. Iirc she was still a little jaundice, so her whites were a bit off colour anyway


posted on 4th Jan 14 at 22:15

the blue really doesn't sit right on that photo. The whites of the eye should be white and you should simply emphasise the Iris :)


posted on 4th Jan 14 at 22:02

Next job, focus points :P


posted on 4th Jan 14 at 20:32

Surely you can work out what B&W means?

I've done a few in BLACK and WHITE, but generally it's with some colour left in to highlight it, e.g.

I rarely go for fully B&W


posted on 4th Jan 14 at 19:09

Not a photographer or anything but do enjoy looking at other peoples work etc!

Firstly whats B&W? :lol:

What process was used between RAW picture and edited one ;)

Rob E

posted on 3rd Jan 14 at 23:56

I thought this may be a good little thing the other photographers of the CS community might be interested in undertaking.

I first picked up a camera in 2008 and very very rarely process my images in B&W. One of my photographic goals this year is to explore this technique of editing photos. I'm going to try and aim for at least one photo a month in B&W. Anyone else fancy a joining in?

I've processed this one this evening

Untouched RAW file -

Finished B&W edit -