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Mark Petty

posted on 20th Aug 03 at 11:47

Mines 24k but win98se


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 10:25

i read the symantec thing and it was very confusing. to me it said it downloads patches from microsoft, then deletes the msblast virus/worm and on 1/1/2004 deletes itself


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:40

Mine is 5k too..


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:38

Originally posted by Boyrac3r
Mine is 5k

Your Fine then


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:28

Mine is 5k


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:06

Yes will need to update your virus checker to detect this as the virus renames its self to this file


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:05

I suggest you look at this page FIRST before deleting a CORE WINDOWS FILE! :rolleyes:


Please Note: There is a perfectly legitimate system file with filename DLLHOST.EXE. Typically, the legimate file is only approximately 5-6 kB.

[Edited on 20/08/03 by Sam]


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:04

thats what i thought - hoax or varient anyone?


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:04

Why can't spotty lit tle freaks get something better to do than fuck other peoples computers?? It's REALLY starting to piss me off now! :mad:


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 08:01

isnt that a standard file name?


posted on 20th Aug 03 at 07:57

Search your computer for the above,if its greater than 12Kish you may be infected, a new virus is going about started last night. affects 2000 and XP

File will be able to bypass a fire wall and all but the most upto date virus checker.....its the first virus every to make it past my works defences :o

Same symptoms as MS blast .... overloads RPC and shuts PC down

[Edited on 20-08-2003 by blebo]