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posted on 26th May 12 at 08:50

PS... these things are feckin ACE :lol:


posted on 26th May 12 at 08:49

It is open with a big fan niggerrigged to provide additional cooling. Has had it since yest evening and no issues yet.

Steve - good plan. Take it that just helps with heat transfer, avoids any air between the surfaces?

I did have a quick look online for a temp monitoring aplication but didnt see much straight off.


posted on 26th May 12 at 07:46

It sounds like it is overheating, most motherboards (I assume Dell's too) have overheating protection - i.e. when it reaches a certain temperature it will just shut down to avoid cooking everything.

If there is something in Linux you can download that shows live temperature info from various components (i.e. CPU) then I'd do that whilst doing what you were doing.

If the case lets you, buy some big case fans and install them inside to help with cooling. Alternatively - and I know you like your ghetto mods :lol: - leave the case open and have a desk fan or a/c machine blowing cold air on to it. :thumbs:

Edit - and do what Steve suggests also

[Edited on 26-05-2012 by Sam]


posted on 26th May 12 at 07:43

try reseating the heatsink with fresh thermal paste


posted on 26th May 12 at 07:33

i've already blown it with compressed air... wasnt that stuff, but i'll hoover it out again just in case.


posted on 25th May 12 at 22:22

Strip it down and blow out all the dust that has gathered in the cooling areas.

I did my dad's laptop last week as it was shutting off when he was using it for high load stuff.

It runs a dream now and you can rest it on your lap again without third degree burns!


posted on 25th May 12 at 21:14

I'm having some issues with this bloody machine... (running Linux, open Suse)

It simply shuts down when I make it crunch some numbers for periods of time - 20-30mins will normally do it when at 100% CPU load.

I checked some things with a thermal camera - CPU, memory, PSU, GFX and chipset temps... the only one that stood out was the chipset at the rear/base of the case with a diddly fan. CPU stayed around 37deg (massive heatsink), but the area surrounding the radiator/sink for the chipset was getting pretty toasty (70+deg when I stopped it running a task after about 5mins).

Any ideas (apart from the obvious load) what would be causing it to over heat?

I'm not even certain it is overheating to be honest but it seems the most likely cause/senario. I've check the BIOS but cant see any fan speed settings or temp protection settings.

Ambiant temp is around 24deg.

I've pulled and left the side cover off and rigged up a PSU fan to cool it for now. Fingers crossed :lol: