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posted on 16th Feb 10 at 15:20

DVI is sharper, graphics cards are also starting to come without VGA, I would make sure you get one with DVI.


posted on 16th Feb 10 at 13:59

Ah rite ok cheers for the help guys :thumbs:


posted on 16th Feb 10 at 10:35

I run a pair of VGA and a pair of DVI and I have to say, I can't discern any difference between the two.

DVI is less susceptible to losses and degradation but over the distances I'm using (a fairly standard desk) it doesn't make any odds at all.


posted on 16th Feb 10 at 10:15

That wire was puzzling me slightly.


posted on 16th Feb 10 at 10:03

What he means is you can't convert from VGA to DVI-D (digital). That's just putting analogue signals over a DVI connector (DVI-A).


posted on 16th Feb 10 at 08:27

Originally posted by ed
You can't convert from VGA to DVI.


posted on 15th Feb 10 at 22:17

You can't convert from VGA to DVI.


posted on 15th Feb 10 at 21:35

Just got a new Dell PC and it came with:

Dell™ E2310H 23” Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Pretty good for the price they sell it for seperately.


posted on 15th Feb 10 at 18:00

Ah right cheers pal for ya help

ill think ill go for DVI slot then was just couple of BENQ monitors


posted on 15th Feb 10 at 17:06

Taken from;

For the best quality, use the DVI cable separately. Your PC processes the video digitally, then converts it to an analog signal via VGA, then back to digital with the adapter, which can degrade quality. Using the DVI cable will keep the signal digital all the way to the TV, keeping it cleaner, and more true. 1024x768 is a resolution, not a refresh rate, which would be 60Hz (1024x768 @60Hz). That is how fast the picture on the monitor/TV redraws itself. If you change the refresh rate too high, you can damage the monitor, so to be safe, stay at the 60Hz (to check, it's usually at: right click desktop>properties>settings tab> advanced>monitor tab and in XP, check the "hide modes that this monitor cannot display" box.) If you can, set the monitor at it's native resolution, I believe the specs say it's 1280 x 720 pixels. That will also increase the picture quality because the monitor won't have to change the picture to fit the 1280 x 720 resolution that it always displays. A CRT monitor can change resolution, an LCD monitor has set pixels that don't change. Instead, it takes the 1024x768 image and changes it to make it fit a 1280 x 720 space (which should stretch quite a bit also). Hope that helps.

Chances are, the monitor with the DVI port is a overall around better monitor. Which ones do you have in mind?


posted on 15th Feb 10 at 15:59

Looking to by a bigger monitor 24inch the ones with just a VGA slot and quite reasonble price but I want DVI slot and they like £20 more.

Them VGA to DVI convertors I got a few free with my graphics card are they the same quality as normal DVI it self or would you recommend getting a monitor with a DVI slot ?? VGA TO DVI

Cheers :thumbs: