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posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 12:12

when i got an interview at my old job in the council the xcel part was basically enetering date into a spreadsheet (name address dob etc) and then ordering it alphabeitcally. unless it's an IT job i cant see the "test" being harder than this


posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 11:29

i had a test when i went for an interview at a university and mine was really easy...really is just the basics!


posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 11:06

SUMS, moving stuff about, graphs etc?


posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 10:24

I can only imagine they will ask you to add percentages to cells etc

Kathryn W

posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 10:18

It's only for a clerical officer so i shouldnt imagine that they'd expect that much


posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 10:12

OMG :!


posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 10:11

Excel is huge, yeah the basics are easy but it depends excatly how much knowledge they expect you to have.

Look for a general Excel website is pointless, do you have any idea what areas of Excel they expect you to know?

Kathryn W

posted on 3rd Aug 07 at 10:09

Got a job interview for the council and they have told me that i will have a test in excel as part of the interview.

I did excel at school and found it really easy. although I ain't actually used it for 3 years nearly

Does anyone know any websites that give you some "ideas" to which you have to produce the template and work stuff out?