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posted on 24th Jun 12 at 09:02

I had a good time at the meet even though there was not that many people, first of all Marksmen got lost (needs to invest in a satnav), later on at about 1pm a mates Bora and Josh turned up. We also saw a rally big heap of shit with a bodykit on it that was creaking as it drove past.

You can see from the rear how bad the front is going to be :laugh:

I only got photos of mine and Adams car so I am sorry about that guys, here are the pics:

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posted on 22nd Jun 12 at 20:37

This meet is still going ahead!


posted on 22nd Jun 12 at 08:56

is meant to be an alright day tomorrow be there :)


posted on 22nd Jun 12 at 07:29

Come on people get your name on this list The meet is tomorrow


posted on 21st Jun 12 at 18:35

I will be in thetford at the spot by about 10:20 why? :) will stay there till about 3pm :)

Chris F

posted on 21st Jun 12 at 17:58

What time will you be in thetford?


posted on 21st Jun 12 at 07:37


People don't want to travel for East Anglian meets :(

This one is definetly going ahead and photos will be taken to make you feel jealous you didn't come :)


posted on 21st Jun 12 at 06:45

Don't be daft!


posted on 21st Jun 12 at 06:20

Haha, chris you not coming?

Chris F

posted on 20th Jun 12 at 22:35

I'm here on the Internet


posted on 20th Jun 12 at 22:08

Where's Chris?


posted on 20th Jun 12 at 19:48

First post updated


posted on 19th Jun 12 at 18:53

Any chance you can see if any of your friends will turn up too :)?


posted on 19th Jun 12 at 13:58

Good work! I'm busy that day but good luck an hope you get a few turn up :)


posted on 19th Jun 12 at 10:38

Come on guys :D


posted on 18th Jun 12 at 11:14

Just to add I do not want anyone there who is just going to mess around revving there car and pulling off doughnuts and blaring music etc.


posted on 18th Jun 12 at 10:57

Hey guys and girls, about time the East Anglian Region has a meet.

The Location of this meet is Thetford.

So the postcode for this meet is IP24 3QL and we shall kick it off at 10:30am sharp. The reason as to why it is so early is that some of us will have to leave at about 2pm so it gives us enough time to have a bit of a chat.

The date as per title is Saturday 23rd June.

I will be in my Green 5 door Corsa and aim to be parked up near Currys.

I will be at B and Q car park in Bury St Edmunds at about 9:50am ready to lead the convoy to Thetford at 10am, you don't have to join the convoy I am just in Bury St Edmunds before hand to get some bits :P. The postcode for the convoy is IP33 3AA.

If you are coming please add your name to the list and say whether or not you will be joining the convoy or meeting us at the meet point and inbox me your number so I can get in contact as I would like to know how close you are etc if you are late.

I don't want any maybes or no shows as I want to get a decent size meet for the East Anglian Region.

1. Cookieace/Aidan - Convoy
2. Marksman278/Adam - Convoy
3. Josh116 - Thetford

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