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posted on 21st Aug 03 at 14:42

SoBig.F virus spreads email havoc
[PC Pro] 11:40

SoBig.F is being described as the fastest spreading email virus yet. The long-standing virus has spread aggressively around the world, according to the latest reports.
MessageLabs, the email security specialists, rates the SoBig.F threat as 'High Risk' and says it is spreading 'vigorously'.

Indeed, it tracked more than one million occurrences of the virus over a twenty-four hour period. Surpassing the rate of the previous fastest ever (Lovebug). MessageLabs estimates that as many as one in seventeen emails sent in the world could currently be affected by the virus. This could rise to a staggering ration of 1:15.

The email worm copies itself into the Windows folder of PCs as winppr32.exe, searches files on the hard drive to extract email addresses and then sends out infected mails. Posing with a variety of subject lines and various attached files, the virus also spoofs the From field of infected emails, hiding the true identity of the sender. All of which makes it harder to identify.

Paul Woods, Chief Information Security Analyst at Sophos, pointed out a number of factors that make this sixth-generation version of SoBig so virulent. First, it now takes advantage of SMTP multi-threading to more efficiently process its emailing duties - instead of dealing with 100 addresses (for example) one by, it will process them in bulk.

Second, the virus writers have actually corrected some bugs in their code. Before, the infected attachments sometimes had their filename extensions truncated, .zip files became .zi, for example. This meant that a proportion of users who may


have activated the attachment would have been frustrated by Windows' inability to recognise the attachment. This has now been fixed, increasing the likelihood of its spread.

SoBig first appeared back in January 2003. And still by June, Sobig-E was causing problems to computer systems around the world - Sobig, so long lasting .

To keep IT departments busy, there is another virus on the block, but one currently operating at a much smaller scale. Be aware of Dumaru-A, which is just beginning its life. This email worm, which carries its own SMTP engine to spread itself further, attempts to infect all executables on an infected computer with copies of itself.

The message appears to be sent from '"Microsoft" ' and has a subject line of 'Use this patch immediately !'. The attached file is patch.exe. More info on Dumaru-A can be found on the Sophos website.


Donna Corsa GSi

posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:50

I don't think its a virus cause it had a message on the attachment. If it was a virus it wouldn't have love Daimo on the bottom.


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:27

yer thats what i was gonna say, there are allways loads of viruses and worms that go into ur computer, get all e-mail addresses from it then send them out or give them to junk mail people who then send u shit u dont even know about or want

probley happened via e-mail, some1 whos e-mailed u probley dident even know they had it, and passed it onto u


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:23

I've been getting quite a few emails from my own address, all porn adverts or saying click here for free stuff & crap like that... I think its the latest way spammers are using to try fill your inbox up with crap!


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:21

there are two new virus's that are doing this they are called w32.sobig.f@mm
these both find address's and make spoof accounts! if thats anyhelp mate :thumbs:

Daimo B

posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:21

Hmmmmmm, no one i currently speak to has both addresses :(

I think someone may be stalking me then ;)


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:20

Yeah Daimo, its to not do with your computer. All it'd need is an address book with both addresses in.


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:14

there is a virus like this going around at the mo

our work got it

and i was getting ones of clubGti members but u couldnt reply to the addresses

Daimo B

posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:10

I used to email loads of people but dont anymore. I only use fotki to email some friends (even their email address have all changed though) and agencies re jobs.

Someone may have my current email address, but i dont think i speak to anyone who i used to email at that job.

Never had any relation to my old email address on this PC either.



posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:07

Dammit, that was well spooky until the voice of reason (Ian) ruined it!


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:07

Could be a virus possibly spoofing the address? Did you have that e-mail address on your computer anywhere?

Darren M

posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:06

hold on i will call..... GHOST BUSTERS! :)


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:06

Some viruses spoof the from address as well as finding the to in your address book.

My guess is that the old address and the fokti one are related - you used them both to email someone - who now has a virus that sends out random email.


posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:06

The Matrix

Daimo B

posted on 21st Aug 03 at 13:04

Yesterday i received an email, from myself?? Slight problems though.

a) the email was from a job i had around 3 years ago. I was made redundent, and the company closed down about a year after, thus, no more people there?
b) There is absolutly no connection, or way, that my current fotki email account address could have been given to any of the old members of staff there.
c) Even if someone was clearing out the old servers and user accounts, how did they get my fotki email address? Esp as i only created it this year?

Im lost. I replied back to it, and it came up with that the address no longer existed.