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Corsa Sri Ant

posted on 20th Sep 19 at 10:56

Very nice to see a Sport, getting very rare these days, shame about the arch rot, but pleased to see its being repaired. The Gsi kit is always a must and always looks smart. I do have Corsa B spares and can get parts fairly easily.


posted on 30th Aug 19 at 17:01

Yea hopefully more will start being saved there a rare site now.

Been doing a bit more this week in cleaning any bits of rust up and painting with bilt hamber under body paint and wax, hopefully keeps it fresh for another while, also fitted you wheel bearings, bottom arms, ball joints and track rod ends to freshen up the suspension and fitted my gaz coilovers. Just need to sort the back when I get another good day.

Ian W

posted on 2nd Aug 19 at 11:28

Nice to see another b getting some attention, get yourself a 421 to go with the Mantzel.


posted on 2nd Aug 19 at 10:20

Yeah, still in bits though.


posted on 1st Aug 19 at 21:10

Yea got 2 sides painted front and back bumpers and bonnet, going to get boot done at a later date as I haven't made my mind up yet whether to go semi smooth or just weld up the wiper hole. I think that's it for this year though as funds are getting low.

Have. You still got your white GSi?


posted on 31st Jul 19 at 23:46

Looks well, did you paint the whole side? Can't see the repair in the last pic with the wheel off.


posted on 31st Jul 19 at 21:37

In order from bottom to top


posted on 31st Jul 19 at 21:36

So been making some progress with this, unfortunately found some rot around the back arches and after a bit of digging it has to be sorted as soon as.

While that was being done started sourcing some parts first was a set of speedlines, by chance I decided to email wheelbase and they still had 2 lurking about so nabbed them and found 2 second hand ones.

Also seen a gsi kit for sale local so went and collected that and left that up to be painted along with 2 sides of car and bonnet.
Some photos not sure if there in order or not.


posted on 15th Feb 19 at 11:13

Found one!

2695 though, but as always with these things find another one?

Looks like the underside has been protected and it has been doing 1k per year recently.

[Edited on 31-07-2019 by Ian]

Ian W

posted on 14th Feb 19 at 22:19

I sold my low mileage Sport in September, bought on 49k and sold on 57k. There are very few left now, even fewer nice ones.


posted on 14th Feb 19 at 19:26

Probably value at 2k if you keep it tidy.

Needs a different reg if you GSi it, R plate with that bumper looks wrong.


posted on 14th Feb 19 at 19:09

Yea there's not many about now especially unmolested examples, getting to be a rare site on the roads so when one come up couldn't say no.

Picked it up for 2k which I don't think is to bad since there's not a lot to choose from, in 2 minds whether to GSi kit it or leave it as is?

Kyle T

posted on 14th Feb 19 at 13:03

Very nice.

I legitimately looked for a nice B for our driveway a year or so ago but just nothing was around.

Ended up with a shonky Clio 182 (which is still hanging on), but still feel like a 1.6 variant of Corsa B is still an itch I've got to scratch.


posted on 14th Feb 19 at 00:15

That Corsa looks very tidy for a 21 year old car :!

Do you mind if I ask what you picked it up for?

As for that E90 :thumbs: :nod:


posted on 13th Feb 19 at 22:22

Must be a rare thing on that mileage, looks dry stored as well.


posted on 13th Feb 19 at 21:45

And my main car

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[Edited on 13-02-2019 by Jamie-C]


posted on 13th Feb 19 at 21:31

Most won't remember me but some might remember me for stupidly lowered cars and tinted windscreens lol.

Anyway found a nice original white corsa sport with 48k with full documented history etc and couldn't not have it, didn't realise how hard it would be to get parts now though.

Tried to upload photos to photobucket but my account is at its limit! I'll get some up soon :wave: