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posted on 23rd Apr 18 at 09:19

Wow Andrew is still a weirdo


posted on 6th Apr 18 at 20:28

You'll struggle to find anyone that will offer classic insurance that allows you to drive other cars, it's one of the reasons that 'standard' insurance is more expensive to begin with.

You'll be able to transfer all of your car NCB to a bike with some insurers but you won't be able to then transfer it back to a car again, so it's not worth it considering bike insurance is cheap to begin with.


posted on 6th Apr 18 at 13:08

I wonder how the VW Transporter is getting on?


posted on 6th Apr 18 at 12:47

What are you trying to insure as a classic? I've got an M3 through classic insurance and not allowed to drive any other car with it, not sure if any company will allow that with classic.

Surely being over 30 with NCB won't cost much to insure a puma unless you've told them about all the cars that you're about to buy?


posted on 5th Apr 18 at 15:41

The struggle is real.


posted on 5th Apr 18 at 15:40

Put on hold, needed 1 new tyre on a Peugeot 3007


posted on 5th Apr 18 at 08:47

It must be nearly finished by now?


posted on 4th Apr 18 at 15:50

Originally posted by DaveyLC
How's the Transporter?


never forget :cool:


posted on 4th Apr 18 at 15:11

How's the Transporter?


posted on 4th Apr 18 at 14:58

How many cars are you trying to drive here? The Skoda is the work car so covered under their company car insurance I assume, and then there's only the Puma left. Just insure the Puma?

It's also more of a waste of money to use your CBT against a (newly purchased) 125 too...

I thought you ran your own business? So where does company car insurance by 'the company' come into this?


posted on 4th Apr 18 at 13:36

Can always be done again Davey


posted on 4th Apr 18 at 08:38

Seems like a waste of time as your CBT will run out in 9 months.


posted on 3rd Apr 18 at 20:48

Trying to do insurance but on the cheap.

Work have moved across to a blanket insurance which causes me an issue driving other cars third party. I'm looking for classic insurance that I can drive other cars third party. Can anyone make any recommendations? Big difference in prices when classic cost me 200 last year and standard costs 800. Did trade one year that cost 1500..

Second question, can I use one of my car NCB against a 125? If I decide i can't be bothered anymore, can the NCB then be used back on a car?

Did my CBT 15 months ago and done nothing with it :lol: