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posted on 6th Oct 18 at 11:21

Originally posted by Ste
I have also spent the past year worried sick about your smoky engine battery change issue. Thanks for the update

Thatís what I love about you Ste, along with your ginger hair, freckles, pot belly and pigeon toes, youíre a very considerate chap.

[Edited on 06-10-2018 by Tiger]


posted on 2nd Oct 18 at 13:36



posted on 1st Oct 18 at 14:52

I have also spent the past year worried sick about your smoky engine battery change issue. Thanks for the update


posted on 30th Sep 18 at 09:09

The vac controller is part of the inlet manifold so you canít swap just that part. I mainly wanted to update in case anyone else has a similar issue and ends up here.

Anyway, as it happens, itís still not fixed the smoking issue :lol:


posted on 20th Sep 18 at 17:44

Thank you for the update, I have spent many months worrying about this :look:

Why was the inlet manifold changed? was in coked up?


posted on 19th Sep 18 at 16:52

Update on this, from ages ago! Problem persisted and I also suffered from a hesitation on light acceleration too. Anyway, I had issues with the VAC controller which was replaced along with the inlet manifold and it cured the hesitation. The smoking remained anyway, mainly if I drove the car to its running temp then turned off the engine and started it an hour later. When at temp it was clean as a whistle. So now Iíve had the fuel filter changed and the DPF (which was 96% blocked) terracleaned. The DPF was blocked because of a faulty EGR valve which inhibits the DPF from regenning. Anyway, problems solved for now and the DPF has automatically regenned which it didnít do before. Watch this space :lol: got its MOT next month, if problem persists, the injectors will be coming out and go away for testing, then thatís the whole inlet side investigated!


posted on 1st Dec 17 at 13:00

Complete guesswork but yes, does sound like it need to get its act together after losing the memory.


posted on 1st Dec 17 at 12:52

Id assume the ecu lost its data and had to recalibrate


posted on 1st Dec 17 at 10:50

I changed the battery....


posted on 1st Dec 17 at 09:59

Why did you charge a battery for 20 minutes? It will receive more charge from the alternator running for 30 seconds.


posted on 1st Dec 17 at 09:07

Hereís a weird one for you, Iím new to modern diesels so could be quite normal.

Changed the battery on my 2007 Audi 2.0TDi, the engine was warm when I shut it off and changing the battery took me 20 minutes. When I started the car after changing the battery it was chucking out diesel smoke for fun for about the first mile then cleared. When I pulled back up at home it was burning cleaning as a whistle? Its not been a smokey car since I bought it and has been fine since.