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posted on 27th Nov 17 at 20:02

Yeah, Iím reluctant at the minute unless I hear some really positive comments about it.


posted on 27th Nov 17 at 12:10

id actually thought about having this done to my Xe as after taking the exhaust manifold off i noticed a bit of carbon build up but hesitant to do it to this old engine haha :lol:


posted on 20th Nov 17 at 20:15

We do terraclean at work, never had a problem with Petrols or diesels after a treatment. Most cases where there has been a problem with another dealer is when customers lie through their teeth when asked ďare there any problems with the car?Ē before they start. I always do a test drive before and after and donít even touch the car til Iíve read off the fault codes, checked oil and for leaks etc. Itís not a miracle fix at the end of the day, itís preventative maintenance and it does help. We have an intake cleaner which works wonders on direct injection petrols (TFSI, FSI, 2nd gen minis etc). Hope this helps


posted on 20th Nov 17 at 17:12

Personally wouldn't bother, not even on a diesel.

Just cleaning up the intake track and the tops of valves is more than enough for most "performance" cars, petrol and diesel alike.


posted on 20th Nov 17 at 16:57

Iíve heard this before actually and sounds pretty feasible, a lot of people have said that after having the terraclean, it tends to reveal underlying issues that were masked by carbon.


posted on 20th Nov 17 at 08:54

The carbon build up in your engine is normally the only think filling the gaps between worn parts..


posted on 18th Nov 17 at 23:18

I've read on other forums that its not that good. Problems crop up afterwards.


posted on 17th Nov 17 at 16:11

Mechanics a few doors down from work are a terraclean franchise, itís £110 but Iíve heard mixed reviews, some say brilliant, some say waste of money. I donít know anyone with personal experience of it though.

Anyone got some input?