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posted on 16th Nov 17 at 07:45

Aye its on a huge slope

And its for some welding too which is a nightmare upside down


posted on 10th Nov 17 at 16:29



posted on 10th Nov 17 at 16:07

"Roll over jig in a single garage"

i was hoping this thread was about some irish dance move :(

Jed D

posted on 10th Nov 17 at 08:09

i fully stripped, red oxide and painted the underside of my corsa, no roll over jig needed, just get it up high


posted on 7th Nov 17 at 19:47

A chap round by parents house has a classic Porsche on one of these. His is on casters so he could
Move it in and out of the garage for rotating and having more room to work around. I think it could hit the up and over door too depending on if you left
It on its side!

If I remember rightly your driveway is on a bit of a slant, so might not be suitable for you!


posted on 3rd Nov 17 at 13:08

Something like - looks like it'd fit right ?


posted on 3rd Nov 17 at 08:44

The garage in question

The car

Is it possible?