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posted on 17th Sep 17 at 17:55

Mr. J100RSA, with my respect, you are 100% right, I have NO live switched power to the ecu. 2 Battery live terminals, but no switched and no eml light. Just returned home and will continue tomorrow with all the new ideas. By the way, I have read a lot of your older post and you are most often definitely right on the Nail Head. Thanks, and will keep you'll posted.


posted on 17th Sep 17 at 13:11

if the crank sensor was open circuit you would still get eml it sound more like you lost a switched live to ecu. I assume you have checked fuses??


posted on 16th Sep 17 at 08:32

FANTASTIC, I Only assumed that it would Prime without any signal from the crank sensor, now I have 3 areas to trouble shoot. Glad to leave behind the immobilizer idea. I know the wire plug was clean & all 3 pins not damagedo the crank sensor. Will have to connect oscilloscope to check it. THANKS IAN, Will keep you posted on Tuesday.


posted on 16th Sep 17 at 02:10

Originally posted by Chitrenegade
I Thought the fuel pump primes, then waits for a signal that the engine turn or runs.

No - if the crank sensor is open circuit it'll inhibit fuel and spark


posted on 16th Sep 17 at 00:31

THANKS J100RSA, But I removed all the grounds I could find & cleaned them too...but no help. I thought since I HAVE NO IGNITION & no fuel pump,,, maybe by a long chance the ignition switch is not connecting in position 2! Although it turns the starter in position 3! Out of town now, but will check it first thing Monday. & I welcome any comments. THANKS


posted on 14th Sep 17 at 23:23

you have refitted the brown earth wires on the on carrier haven't you?


posted on 14th Sep 17 at 17:56

Is there anyway to bypass the key transponder?? What type of signal is sent to ECU? Any test for the transponder? THERE IS NO SPARK & NO PWR TO THE FUEL PUMP. THOUGHT...I need to check if I have pwr to the coil...


posted on 14th Sep 17 at 10:42

I have cleaned all the ground points that I found also.


posted on 14th Sep 17 at 10:40

My buddy blames the battery being disconnected for 2 days as the culprit. I have never had any problem with that except reprogramming door locks, newer cars with electronic gas pedal & etc....from now on, jumper cables to a motorcycle battery!!!


posted on 14th Sep 17 at 09:03

Ste, I only got into the wiring because I could not find any other fault. Removing the head I had the wiring harness off the engine and tucked around the hood hinge and thought I might have broken a wire there, not likely but possible.


posted on 14th Sep 17 at 08:56

Ian, there is no cam sensor but a 3 wire crank sensor, and could be a problem, but I Thought the fuel pump primes, then waits for a signal that the engine turn or runs. Is there a test for the crank sensor?


posted on 14th Sep 17 at 05:04

Your fault will more than likely lie where you have disturbed something rather than a new fault appearing magically.
Go back and check everything you have disturbed.


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:50

This sounds very much like a cam/crank signal issue which is causing the ECU to inhibit fuel and spark.

Immobiliser is somewhere to look but you've not really disturbed that whereas timing is more closely connected to that job.


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:39

I will return in the Morning...good night...Chit


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:30



posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:29

Good points, but the crank pulley was not removed and the MEL does not come on at all. While checking for ignition power at the ECU I found one wire that turned on the MEL. The light went on but still no fuel pump or ignition.


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:20

have you had the crank pulley off? is the orange engine management light flashing?


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:16

I wonder when Europe made it into law, DOT Started in 96 & required the 98 models to have it.


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:06

My 2000 vw van has obdII but it can't be used for diagnostics.


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 22:02

How does a car.thief get around the key transponder? A 20 year old car can't provide security unbreakable in today's world. Does the transponder send a sine wave or just a voltage that anyone could simulate?


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 19:57

corsa has obdII plug but it has never given codes, I Believe it is before the system went into production. WHO SAID...Point Ignition and Carburators are nothing but Trouble?


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 18:21

That was pin C16 & B1 with constant voltage, someone told me these pins are Bat volts and pin A6 should be Ignition switched power....well, I don`t have a wire at terminal A6....My buddy drove the car to me on 3 cylinders without any ECU problems. Under the bonnet, no bent pins on wiring plugs, no crushed wiring inside wiring harness, I opened up the wiring harness to check. I checked half the wiring for continuity and they were fine. I need to get another view and different thought on what this might be........Thanks, and <KEEP THE RUBBER SIDE - DOWN>


posted on 13th Sep 17 at 18:03

Hi Guys from an ole Yank living in Berlin...Trying to do a friend a favor and changed his head gasket on an 1997 1.2L Corsa, which went really smooth. Jumped in and turned the engine over only to find that I didn`t have a fuel pump or Ignition. Checked wiring and jumped FP fuse and pump works fine. I believe that the ECU is maybe not getting the chip code. The ECU has constant Battery power to 2 pins (A16 and B1-maybe, my poor memory) anyway, where is the Ignition switched power to the ECU? Is there any way to troubleshoot the transponder or ECU? I have been dogged before, but have always managed to win the battle, but this has got me stumped. Any Ideas from the specialist is greatly appreciated and plenty of Good Ole German Beer if we win this battle........Dankeschoene....Chit