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posted on 27th Jun 11 at 12:23

Do you do flocking?



posted on 27th Jun 11 at 12:19

You don't really need to bump every thread from months ago. Last thing we want is 20 threads about flocking in GC.

autoflock motorsport

posted on 27th Jun 11 at 11:57

just a quikie, although it is important for there to be no silicone left on the dashboard, this isnt the main reason why the flock peels away, the fact epoxy resins will not adhere to any pp, abs or poly plastics on their own, they will only mechanically bond. I pre adhesive solotion is required to enable a chemical bond which many people simply dont use as they are un aware of it


posted on 31st Mar 11 at 22:09

cheers lads :)

x14xe ry

posted on 31st Mar 11 at 20:42

i was quoted 150quid for my calibra dash by bloke down by brand hatch


posted on 31st Mar 11 at 19:02

The bare dash anywhere between 80 - 120


posted on 31st Mar 11 at 19:01

The whole dash ie glove box, fuse box cover, steering surround, vent holders, clock surround and centre consol. About 170 Mate


posted on 31st Mar 11 at 18:51

so how much am I lookin to pay for my hole dash and centre console to be flocked


posted on 31st Mar 11 at 18:22

Like above I would never do this my self. The tools and equipment my friend uses is very specialist. Perfect room for it perfect temp that all matters for it to stick and work correctly or it will just peel off. For what it's worth get it done properly.

[Edited on 31-03-2011 by kizzacorsab]


posted on 31st Mar 11 at 18:06

try this place top fella there and like chris said, this is just one thing i would not have a go myself at and get the pros to do it


posted on 31st Mar 11 at 09:36

well I've been reading up on it and it don't seem to hard to do , like anything think if you take your time with it then it should turn out good, I mite buy a old dash and do a practice but if it comes out good then I could fit it in the car this is what I've been lookin at


posted on 30th Mar 11 at 23:20

Be careful who you buy from, I paid 75 through eBay for one (company in Bolton) took it home fitted it (looked amazing). Car was sat in sun (like everyday is) the following day! Came back from work to find the flock had cracked and lifted! Basically they hadnt got rid of all the silicon etc from the dash before flocking! Emailed them etc to sort out a refund/exchange and almost 2 years later am still squint after several emails!

They look amazing when fitted but you have to be careful!

There is a chap in north Wales who does them charge around 140 (but he does them for the rally teams aswell, so you know your getting a good job).


posted on 30th Mar 11 at 23:06



posted on 30th Mar 11 at 22:42

Somethings you've just got to pay for - this is one of them!!!

I use a pro flocker for the stuff I have done


posted on 30th Mar 11 at 21:34

ok cheers , and I thought it was like a cloth , but reading into it , its a spray on fibre thing lol any pictures would be good cheers


posted on 30th Mar 11 at 21:01

Speak to Kizzacorsab on here, he had a pile of stuff done.


posted on 30th Mar 11 at 21:00

you need all the gear, flock gets EVERYWHERE so you need somewhere to do it too. id expect to pay between 80-100 notes for just your dash doing


posted on 30th Mar 11 at 20:41

anyone got experience in this ? is it hard to do ? does it cost much? could I do it myself ? let me no cheers