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posted on 22nd Apr 10 at 22:37

cheers guys looks like a job to do on saturday


posted on 22nd Apr 10 at 21:38

It's easy just need to take the back drums off which is probs the hardest part


posted on 22nd Apr 10 at 21:36

Drivers side is the short one. Near side goes to the handbrake. Piece of piss to change, soak the adjuster which joins the 2 in plenty of wd40, the only pain is getting underneath the car to do it.

They normally tend to snap where they go through the the part where they turn from the beam to the drum.

Short side is much easier to change than the long side but in reality you may as well change both whilst your at it.


posted on 22nd Apr 10 at 21:11

It comes in separate sections yes I cant remember if its a long piece from the hand brake then splits into two at the back for the left and right drum, one side being longer than the other (left is longer iirc)


posted on 22nd Apr 10 at 20:34

dam it lol i jst had a quick look and i couldnt see were it snapped usually u can see it danglin dwn does it come in seperate sections as its stinn connected in the drums jst me handbrake lever comes right up and does nowt

Rich H

posted on 22nd Apr 10 at 20:31

If it's low and your trying to do it jacked up on the drive, yes. I couldn't get my car high enough so had to take it to a garage in the end :(


posted on 22nd Apr 10 at 20:30

me handbrake cable jst snapped is it tricky to do on a corsa