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posted on 13th Jan 10 at 21:23

yea they are as reliable and as easy as a sport...and if you look after it, you will get a nice return. Even my R1 carb'd one was spot on as a daily. Started every morning and ran great.

Maintainance is the key....and make sure that the one you get has been done properly.

Lee Wilson

posted on 13th Jan 10 at 14:22

Pretty good day to day cars. Don't expect comfort though. Their as reliable as the car the engine came out of I'd say if the conversion is done properly. Pretty good on fuel. Fairly quick too.


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 13:44

i have a c20xe corsa for sale as need bigger car for baby


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 13:42

i had a 20xe nova

regret selling it everyday, i want to build another one, but am trying to talk myself into having a sensible as i have a motorbike for fun

and day to day it was wicked, could get good mpg, it was RAPID, never broke on me, few dodgy wiring incidents (from previous owners) was the only fault

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posted on 13th Jan 10 at 13:40

When mine was 1st converted i was on standard shocks with lowering springs and the weight of an XE.Had to hold on
Soon got the Koni's and it was much better,but still no where near as comfy as id want it.


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 13:35

Mine wasnt to great either, if i'd kept it suspension would have been the only thing i would have changed


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 13:09

Mine was superb as a daily.

Only thing id reccomend is get a decent suspension setup on it.Thats what pissed me off really.
Koni adjustables with -40mm springs wasnt the best tbh.


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 12:51

Make sure you keep an eye on bottom ball joints. I had one snap at 'motorway' speeds


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 12:48

i love haveing xe corsa


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 03:20

It wont be until i'm working again, struggling the now :(


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 02:36

do it mate and ill sell you an engine :)


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 02:25

Superb. Mine was solid mounted, i had to kick the hole out mine everywhere, hence i decided to sell it before i got points, bought it with a fucked box, changed it, i was always paranoid by the slightest noise thinking it could be something wrong but nothing ever went wrong.

Regret selling mine, would own another, might convert my 1.2 actually.


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 02:06

what davieslim said. I wouldn't want anything else now.


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 01:27

great everyday cars, can nip to the shops and then race home on the motorway and return better fuel consumption then the 1400 and 1600 corsa


posted on 13th Jan 10 at 01:24

good on fuel on motorway journeys, my old gsi did the 200 mile home trip and didn't use half a tank, if you get one with solid mounts its a little tedious when going slow in 2nd (well mine was it used to lurch a lot) will be as reliable as your right foot allows, cracking cars i really miss my old one..


posted on 12th Jan 10 at 23:29

As long as the conversion is done right and the engine isn't a dug, they are quite nice to live with daily actually. Don't need a lot of effort to get it going, and if you don't have a ridiculous exhaust, they aren't loud at motorway speeds. They WILL go wrong from time to time, but normally it's just a sensor that needs replaced. Quite good on fuel if you're taking it easy too! I can get 40mpg on a run when cruising. But that goes down dramatically when you give it sport :lol:


posted on 12th Jan 10 at 23:27

I'm looking for a new car as mine goes to a new home on Saturday. I'm looking for another Vauxhall and have been looking at c20xe versions. I would love another Corsa b and I would like to know what c20xe Corsa's are like to live with everyday. Your thoughts please guys. Thank you.