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posted on 26th Feb 03 at 00:58

mine did this also when i changed me bulbs, just gave it a swift whack and all was well again


posted on 26th Feb 03 at 00:40

When i changed my bulbs in my dials, my speedo stopped workin and it made this clicking noise which increased with speed.
i had to ave a new speedo cable,

pop it all open and see if u can re connect it.

Lucky B

posted on 26th Feb 03 at 00:17

Try prodding your trip meter reset button, it might be jammed.
Check if the trip meter is working ;)


posted on 25th Feb 03 at 13:15

Does it increase with speed/rev's.
Worth taking the clocks out and looking if its a cable. swirt some oil down it


posted on 25th Feb 03 at 13:02

will do thanx m8.

to expalin the noise better, it's a constant rapid clicking.


posted on 25th Feb 03 at 12:58

Might be the speedo cable, if it has one, try some lube down it.


posted on 25th Feb 03 at 12:56

Got a really annoying clicking sound coming from my speedo or rev counter. Has anyone else had this and fixed the problem???

It's a GSI btw if that matters.