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posted on 16th Feb 03 at 21:04

i cant see why you would have any problems then, the work seems to be to a reasonable std and its not some dodgie back street bodyshop he deals with. although if your buying any parts mail order from des they do tend to take their time in coming



posted on 16th Feb 03 at 20:54

similar work to buckley


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 20:44

no pics yet mate


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 20:39

buckley do you have any pics?


Icon depicting mood of post posted on 16th Feb 03 at 20:36

well happy customer

des fitted the combat 2 wide arch ,smooth boot,smooth scuttle and bonnet and sprayed me lights and mirrors no probs took about a month and i will be goin back soon cos some cunt from work reversed into me on friday ;)


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 20:14

what is it that you are actually wanting to use desmonds company for?


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 19:30

I'm sure Daimo is capable of being diplomatic and simply u2u'ing the general details to corb.


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 19:08

yeah was gonna say Drew, Ask Daimo!! :lol:


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 18:57

lmao @ drew :lol:


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 18:54

all i can say is....

dont let Daimo see this post :lol::lol:

oops bet im in trouble now off the mods

[Edited on 16-02-2003 by Drew]


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 18:51

can't comment on the bodywork front, but i ordered my side skirts and rear skirt from him and had no probs at all.

took a while to arrive, but was to be expected as parts were coming from belgium or germany or whatever. price was good as was service.
no probs/


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 18:46

i am currently having work done!
he had my car for 4months!
I have got it back at the mo but Its still isnt finished cause the bloke that is doing the moulding of his new kit is pissing him around!!!

otherwise the rest is good work and the colour is fine to me! no one has said that it looks different


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 17:54

All i can say in defence is that good work takes longer than most people expect. Koncept take a long time when producing work, but in the end the customer is always happy because its all done right.
Colour matches, well that comes down to the age of the car really unless the person running the bodyshops paint mix sceme is rubbish and cant mix the chemicals the computer tells them to mix, and judging by the size of the bpdyshop des uses, that shouldnt be the case..


posted on 16th Feb 03 at 17:51

I was gonna have some work done by him but have heard stories about delayed waiting times and poor colour matches? If u hav sumthing good to say, post it up, if something not so good, U2U me.

[Edited on 16-02-2003 by corb]