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posted on 8th Feb 07 at 10:20

just about to moan cos we didnt have any looked up and ive got a good covering!!!


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 10:18

My dog fell in the pond, does that count :0


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 10:17

I said in the snowey car thread about how I power slid about 10 meters doin 180! on an un touched road, I was gettin extremely close to a corsa C before I wacked both the foot pedal and handbrake on!

made my little bro sweat!


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 10:11

No snow here :D


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:41

I was going to work from home but ended up staying over in warrington after going out with work for a meal - the drive home is going to be a nightmare

Half Pint

posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:39

i decided to work from home today


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:38

WOOOO!!! school is shut... took me 20 mins to drive 1.6 miles to be told to turn around again!


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:35

a gardener? bit early and cold for gardening :P

[Edited on 08-02-2007 by BarnshaW]


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:27

went to muck about in the works astravan, nearly wacked a kerb, and narrowly missed a gardener. all good fun


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:23

helped push a load of cars up the hill that i live on, decided not to risk going to work as there is loads of abandoned cars all up the road

Ben G

posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:18

fell on my arse a couple of times. thats about it :)


posted on 8th Feb 07 at 09:17

On my way to work (in a school) this morning I nearly skidded into a truck, then later one of the teachers. :lol:

EDIT: and arrived at the school to find it is closed for the day

anyone else?:wave:

[Edited on 08-02-2007 by Planty02]