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posted on 7th Jun 05 at 09:46

Ask your Doctor for a copy of your notes (regarding injuries), Hand it into your work and explain to them, legally they cant sack you unless they have good reason!! being Ill isnt one but if your takign days off left right and centre they can :|

Your work should understand


posted on 7th Jun 05 at 09:33

i work for an agency so if i take time off work i can be sacked, i have been sacked for taking 2 days off before by the same company but they let me come back. the doctor has got a report on my injuries so they can always get them


posted on 7th Jun 05 at 09:29

take 7 days off work (u can sign yourself off for up to 7 days legally) explain to your work the situation and make sure they understand whats happened, just say to them you feel uncomfortable at work and commuting to work is causing you some pain and discomfort and it's niggling you all through the day making you loose concentration while working... (blag it basically) and you would like to spend a few days off work to "recover" from the accident

that way if they do look at your work history since the crash they cant say your pulling their leg :thumbs:

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posted on 7th Jun 05 at 09:26

back is hurting, although i can drive but with some pain and i can work because my job doesn't involve strenuous work, could they use it against me in a claim?


posted on 7th Jun 05 at 09:13

you can do
if your hurt, do it.


posted on 7th Jun 05 at 09:12

right, i was a passenger in a car accident (t-bone) which the car i was in has been written off. it was the other drivers fault and i was in the front passenger seat and at the side of impact. i have been to the doctors and he has given me anti inflamatries for my back and leg pain, i did not have whiplash. all i want to know is am i liable to make a personal injury claim from my back and leg injury?