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posted on 27th Apr 05 at 15:26

yes its an easy job, but not as simple as a lot of you think, requires take off the crank pulley, cam cover, cam sprocket, rear cam cover, just to undo the three bolts for the thermostat. stupid place to put it IMO but just wanna get a rough idea of how much vaux would charge to do it, i told her 60 which i think is more than reasonable, thats including a new thermostat and cam belt, told her i would change the water pump for free too if she was to buy it.


posted on 27th Apr 05 at 08:50

Timing belt off so may as well replace that and water pump while your there.


posted on 27th Apr 05 at 08:38

Not as easy as they could be as I'm sure on mine you had to take all timing belts and stuff off which turned a 15minute job into half a day or whatever.


posted on 26th Apr 05 at 23:26

Unless the fucker cross threads into the rad. Like mine did. :|


posted on 26th Apr 05 at 23:19

yes they are cheap to buy
and easy to fit


posted on 26th Apr 05 at 23:05

Easiest job possible :)


posted on 26th Apr 05 at 22:48

mate got a thermostat today for his 12v,cost him 12 quid for the thermostat from vauxhall dealer and he put it in himself,pretty easy job i imagine


posted on 26th Apr 05 at 22:45

no havent got it, would be nice if someone could send me it :D along with a working copy of EPC :D luff joo guys


posted on 26th Apr 05 at 22:24

Have you got TIS? See how long they quote


posted on 26th Apr 05 at 22:23

How much would vaux charge to change a thermostat on a 1.2 8v? im doing one soon and wanna know how much not to charge :D