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posted on 28th May 04 at 15:20



posted on 27th May 04 at 19:24

danny ill do this for u! no problem mate. send me the fone and also the housing (or ill order the housing....) i wont charge labour..just parts (housing) and also postage!


posted on 27th May 04 at 18:30

i go to the phone shops and buy the ex display dummy phones and then i swop em over.pretty simple


posted on 27th May 04 at 18:27

cool :D


posted on 27th May 04 at 18:27

here it is in fact


posted on 27th May 04 at 18:18

i just put a black housing on my x70.

got it cheap on ebay (5.50) and needed a tri-screwdriver for the job (4.95).

started off with it and panicked when i was half way through as it was all in bits. really wish i hadn't started and shat me pants that it wouldn't go back together right.

carried on with it though, and got it all done and sorted.
fiddly assed job, but everything still works and it looks cool :cool:


posted on 27th May 04 at 18:02

looks good enuff for me :D


posted on 27th May 04 at 18:00

it is possible yeah.

housing aint cheap either and i think theyre quite hard to find but flea-bay will probably have some third party ones for sale


posted on 27th May 04 at 17:59

yeh i get you, but it is possible tho, (little phone shop in my town would probably change it over if i gave them the bits)


posted on 27th May 04 at 17:57

pretty difficult cos of the ribbon cable from the mainboard

best left to a pro tbh dan. nothing like changing the fascia on your nokia if you know what i mean


posted on 27th May 04 at 17:54

right, my sisters bf wants to swap me his samsung e700, its got a slight crack on the outside screen, how hard would it be to take it apart and replace it with a new housing off ebay