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posted on 7th Oct 14 at 21:23

A new set of rings should sort it out, I can't in any way guarantee that though. I believe a set of rings are about 80 or something like that. It was a while back now!


posted on 7th Oct 14 at 20:56

Any idea on the rough costs just for the parts to sort the smoking issue?


posted on 7th Oct 14 at 20:33

I wouldn't like to say for sure. But many people have rolled 120BHP with just the intake changed, plus makes them a lot more responsive.


posted on 7th Oct 14 at 20:01

A X16XE runs 105bhp standard, other than the fact the engine will be lot stronger what will be the power gain with the uprated parts mate?


posted on 6th Oct 14 at 18:11

Still for sale, 250 takes it.


posted on 15th Sep 14 at 17:14

Hey mate, did you sell the engine?

I wrote you a PM a while back, still interested if the engine hasn't been sold and you're willing to reconsider.



posted on 5th Sep 14 at 19:19

Final 24 hours.


posted on 2nd Sep 14 at 17:51

4 days left. Bargain for someone!


posted on 30th Aug 14 at 19:06



posted on 25th Jul 14 at 22:15



posted on 9th Jul 14 at 21:09

To the top.


posted on 21st Jun 14 at 19:40

U2u'd you mate very interested


posted on 15th Jun 14 at 16:28

The guy that said he wanted this hasn't replied to me in a month now, so up we go again.

Also fixed pictures in original post. I have loads more pics if required.

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posted on 12th Apr 14 at 15:17

Still up for sale.


posted on 27th Mar 14 at 18:00

If you still have this in a few weeks I'll have it. Got tax and mot to do and then I'd be able to go for it. If you need to know I'm genuine you can pm me for my number. Cheers.


posted on 19th Mar 14 at 22:09

Price drop to 300, still open to offers though.


posted on 16th Mar 14 at 00:34

Selling as a job lot only at the moment.


posted on 15th Mar 14 at 20:49

Hi is the manifold avaliAble separately and if so how much? Cheers


posted on 15th Feb 14 at 19:23


Engine is from my 1996 mk3 Astra and has 114k miles on it. It's had a full rebuild by myself using mostly genuine Vauxhall parts. At this point I will point out that after the rebuild, the engine ran but smoked on over-run. I thought it was stem seals but they were replaced with a set of GM stem seals and it wasn't much better, so I suspect it needs another set of rings in it. However at this point I gave up on it as the opportunity arose for a Saab turbo conversion instead.

I'll try and list all the things done to the engine, although this was all done over the period of 2 years so I may forget some bits. I spent an awful lot of time on this engine, and probably even more money! It's covered 30 miles at the most since the rebuild and was driven very carefully through that time. Apart from the smoke the engine rany beautifully.

-Engine block completely stripped down, cleaned and painted black

-Engine internals degreased
-New main bearings and bolts, big end bearings and piston rings
-Brand new GM thermostat
-New aux belt tensioner + pulley
-Brand new GM oil pump

-ARP rod bolts

-Cylinder head fully degreased, 16 new valve guides fitted, light skim, valve seats re-cut and lapped in and very mild port to match the gasket, plus tappets fully stripped and cleaned

-Engine built up with GM + Autovaux sourced gaskets top to bottom, new water pump, GM timing belt kit

-Rocker cover powder coated black and stainless bolts
-X16XE lower inlet (powdercoated), OPD powerbox

-Stainless 4-1 manifold with new lambda sensor
-8v flat flywheel skimmed

I think that covers most of it, I'm sure there's more though. This is the best pic I have of the full engine:

Engine will come complete with , ECU and chip, the wiring loom is no longer available. The engine mount and aircon pump are not included either. Alternator and injector wiring loom is included though.

As said earlier this engine owes me a LOT of money, I has plans to run it on throttle bodies as a long term engine but unfortunately plans changed when I needed the car on the road sooner.

I'm going to ask for 350 for it all, this is collection only from the Peterborough area and I'm open to sensible offers as it's in the way now really. I'm sure it will make a fantastic engine for someone who has the time and patience to put a set of rings in it!

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