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posted on 14th Oct 04 at 11:23

SOLD :thumbs:


posted on 13th Oct 04 at 19:49

thats sounds a wicked price matey tenner it is u2u me for a date and time for it preferable on a weekend, i cant remember were u live matey so we hav to sort out arrangments i will buy them off ya now dude cheers


posted on 12th Oct 04 at 14:36

not much bud..... come up mine and i'll do it for a 10er.....

is there space to fit it though?


posted on 11th Oct 04 at 22:18

how much u want for installation kurt boy coz i aint got the time or the bloody patience


posted on 11th Oct 04 at 16:43

iv'e got the straps for it...


posted on 11th Oct 04 at 16:39

velcro :P


posted on 11th Oct 04 at 15:05

its not that hard to install the wiring andy, u just need patience and one of them star bits (T25 iirc) for your ratchet. once yuve laid the wiring down, you'll need to decide how youre gonan stop it rolling around your boot


posted on 11th Oct 04 at 12:22

u mean bugger :P


posted on 11th Oct 04 at 11:45

hmmm you'd need the power cables and phono cables.... you can have my sub --> amp cable...

100 does not include installation...:lol:


posted on 10th Oct 04 at 17:38

chuck a pic on off them kurtis boy :) and is there wiring included will you install this in my car for 100 quid matey boy ???


posted on 10th Oct 04 at 16:52

yea it will.... def


posted on 10th Oct 04 at 14:22

just checking u idiot :lol: i dont know about this things u fool


posted on 9th Oct 04 at 00:23

of course it will fool


posted on 8th Oct 04 at 23:58

kurtis matey here is spec for me kenwood headunit to see it it works with mine

4 x 50 watts max output power
3 rca preouts 4.5v gold plated

let me know if it goes withthis cheers mate


posted on 8th Oct 04 at 23:03

i mie be intrested in this mate as iam not going for amazing system and sounds good as it seems like , i dont know whether it connect good to my kenwood z838w


posted on 8th Oct 04 at 09:18

The amp and 12" sony tube outta my car

is a decent system, but im going for looks now...

sub is 800w
amp is 600w

i'll try n get get pics up soon...


i also have a 900 camcorder for sale... top of the range 350ono........