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posted on 25th Oct 04 at 20:31

sweet car matey, shame it had to go :(


posted on 12th Oct 04 at 17:54

sad to see it go matey- still here for ya cos ur sound with or without ur corsa :thumbs:


posted on 7th Oct 04 at 12:03

lol@ m sutton, lol! yeah man, ill text you when it kicks off!

M Sutton

posted on 7th Oct 04 at 09:20

what my 1.2 8v beast or broster's? :lol:


posted on 7th Oct 04 at 09:15

When ya on the rollers dude, text me an i will shoot over in my turboed powered tank to see a propper car,

M Sutton

posted on 7th Oct 04 at 09:04

Thats a shame man, was a nice motor!:(
It will be sadly missed, but maybe the new owner will come on corsasport!


posted on 7th Oct 04 at 07:44

sorry to hear it mate

hopefully see ya around



posted on 7th Oct 04 at 06:26

Originally posted by Greasemonkey

Laterz FAT GEEZE BOTSWARNER, keep the world blinging with peek power

cant believe it has come to this man, ur car is an inspiration to me, without it id still have an x14xe lol!! shame to se it go, and remember always tune he dturbo!!! u better be comming to watch us on the rollers aswell matey!! silly boy, u shoulda sold urfishing rods not the car!

laters geeze
always pop round mine for a spin in the corsa of love remember!


posted on 7th Oct 04 at 01:19

:( laters dude, still you may aswell come on here


posted on 6th Oct 04 at 21:37

Hey guys, some of you might know some of you might not but my GSI has been sold and is gettin collected tomoz, its not because i dont like corsas any more its because i spent too much money and i have got in a bit of shit and its had to go to get my head back above water.
Its been great meeting you lot when i been at meets and shows i feel deeply sad and gutted it has come to this, all i wanted was to keep my car, if i was back within my overdraft and didnt have my credit cards i could have kept it and kept spending but its not to be.
Hope thats a little lesson to some of you, spend what you can afford, dont spend what you dont have
Im gonna miss the whold modding scene, i gotta get a Diesel now looking at buying a 306 Turbo diesel on saturday.
SO i hope to make it to PVS next year and hope to see you lot there. take it EZ guys and keep up the good work i hope i have been of help and a worthy member of this site
Laterz FAT GEEZE BOTSWARNER, keep the world blinging with peek power