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Rich H

posted on 15th Mar 12 at 21:00

I don't have a premises, I'm fully mobile so come to you. Weird clause with insurance too means I have to work anywhere but home.


posted on 15th Mar 12 at 14:57

what location do you do at the moment? do you have a location that you can do the detaling?

edit- just looked i could come down to you thats not a problem would just need a place to do it at........

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carl roper

posted on 14th Mar 12 at 21:45

Thats ok then if its not going to be intill end of may time i would definatly be interested in something to get it ready for PVS, also have shelter power and water (unit) incase it rains

Rich H

posted on 14th Mar 12 at 21:42

At the moment the very earliest I will be able to do anything is end of May. It will also depend what happens in terms of the hosepipe bans as potentially the business may suffer (worst case scenario)

With everything being 'TBC' this hasn't been something I've tried to firm up yet as I'm getting inundated with bookings on a daily basis anyway :lol:

carl roper

posted on 14th Mar 12 at 21:39

Any idea on when you would be scheduling this?

Rich H

posted on 14th Mar 12 at 21:30

For prices check my site - most the cars in question so far would be my 'from' price :)


posted on 14th Mar 12 at 07:36

I'm interested :)

Would be a megane r26 - what are the prices of everything

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posted on 2nd Mar 12 at 10:57

We'll try and get more people invovled first, dates not matter to much at the moment, can appreciate you're busy. :thumbs:

Check my sig. :D

[Edited on 02-03-2012 by nathy_87]

Rich H

posted on 1st Mar 12 at 17:03

Not entirely sure tbh - not had much of an uptake on it, and I'm already fully booked through to late April.

If all 3 of you are definite, I could well make a long weekend of it for you :thumbs:


posted on 1st Mar 12 at 14:52

1) Sam - Fabia & Cougar - Service TBC
2) Doug - 350z - Service TBC
3) nathy_87 - Fabia VRS - Service TBC

This still going ahead?


posted on 30th Jan 12 at 16:00


Might be worth posting this in GC if Ian is OK with it, nobody ever really comes in the WM forum any more :lol:

Rich H

posted on 29th Jan 12 at 15:48


Firstly, just in case you're not aware, I run a professional valeting & detailing company down on the South Coast:

I've been in talks with Sam and Doug on here though about possibly travelling up to the West Midlands area to work on their cars. For this to be feasible, I need to make me travelling this far worth while.

Therefore I'm opening up the opportunity to anybody else in the West Midlands area. I'd be looking at either a long weekend or a Monday - Friday thing depending on interest. Travelling and accommodation costs would be split amongst all those I'm visiting. Please note I'd also require access to power AND water as I will only be able to bring water with me for the first day!

If you're interested, please put your name down on the list below and let me know what car and what you'd be interested in having done:

1) Sam - Fabia & Cougar - Service TBC
2) Doug - 350z - Service TBC

For this to happen as a definite thing, a deposit will be taken from everybody before I travel up. Timescale wise, we are looking to early March or Mid April atm. Access to shelter is preferable too please as I can't really reschedule anything when I'm that far away from home :lol: