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posted on 23rd Jun 13 at 11:00



posted on 30th Dec 12 at 09:57



posted on 18th Dec 12 at 23:03

Krusty!!!!! :p


posted on 13th Dec 12 at 16:40



posted on 7th Dec 12 at 18:27

Alrite guys late reply as per haha. Il be on alot more now got myself a wee corsa c sxi as a project :p


posted on 30th Oct 12 at 23:07

haha i dont live there anymore :) im currently re shelling my white corsa with a more track car shell

big eck

posted on 4th Oct 12 at 15:48

Stoney, hows things bud???

I was thinkin about you yesterday actually as I had to drive through stonehaven to get back onto the A9 :lol:


posted on 18th Sep 12 at 22:33

im still floating around as ever :)


posted on 17th Aug 12 at 13:23


sri boy

posted on 13th Aug 12 at 18:58

Eck was also the stig fact !!

big eck

posted on 13th Aug 12 at 18:16

Fuckin hell you've been a busy man lol. I've been good mate, just spent a fortune on the house and forking out to keep Claire's lavish lifestyle lol. When did you get married/have kids???

[Edited on 13-08-2012 by big eck]


posted on 13th Aug 12 at 14:27

Haha good stuff.

Good eck.fair moved married and a.daughter now :p how you keepin big man?

big eck

posted on 11th Aug 12 at 12:14

Hows things Robert???

sri boy

posted on 11th Aug 12 at 00:02

Jobbies !!!


posted on 10th Aug 12 at 20:08


sri boy

posted on 10th Aug 12 at 18:30

I'm onto building Vxr c's now mate


posted on 10th Aug 12 at 06:29

not much left tbh ! been a few turbo's done now SCOTTY.1 done one sri boy done a few keny g has one and jamie valverman prob a few more :lol:


posted on 9th Aug 12 at 22:40

Forgot this website exiated the past year tbh. Whos all still about??? Anyone fitted a 2.0 turbo in a corsa yet?