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posted on 25th Mar 17 at 08:33

not recovered enough yet so will see you later in the year i hope:boggle::wave::wave:


posted on 24th Mar 17 at 09:23

Theres still time, this morning if you are quick


posted on 24th Mar 17 at 09:03

Balls, I missed the Club deadline.

Im coming but might need some help getting on to stand on the day please


posted on 13th Mar 17 at 20:12

Paid :-D


posted on 12th Mar 17 at 21:50

Paid :thumbs:


posted on 7th Mar 17 at 13:13

Neil's got me added in his group and I've booked the 3.45 and 4.45pm track sessions :thumbs:


posted on 6th Mar 17 at 12:04

Will have the money for soon off my group mate :thumbs:


posted on 22nd Feb 17 at 14:34

cant go this year boys...flying back from France that day in the afternoon...bugger :(

forge action day/trax later in the year it is guess...


posted on 22nd Feb 17 at 07:30

Originally posted by Blandy
Dave Jake will be coming with me and spicer so he may be able to collect you?

Let Jake loose in my car?
i've seen how he drives a JCB :lol:
I will think about it. need to see how recovery goes as to if i go :thumbs:


posted on 21st Feb 17 at 18:48

Dave Jake will be coming with me and spicer so he may be able to collect you?


posted on 21st Feb 17 at 07:12

may have too sit this one out unless i find a driver? :(


posted on 20th Feb 17 at 19:24

Payment sent - what times are you guys going out on track?


posted on 20th Feb 17 at 12:07

;) winky face


posted on 20th Feb 17 at 12:02



posted on 20th Feb 17 at 11:13

Ladies and Gents,

Spring Action Day at Castle Combe has been announced, it will take place on the Saturday 8th April 2017

As usual this is our first appearance at Castle Combe this year, every show is a great success with members showing their cars on our stand and taking them out on track sessions! This show is the same format as the others but with a slight difference, please read

We are aiming to have our stand as usual, with facilities open its members. There will be shelter, seating, heating, food and drinks!

This event is open to ALL cars.

Entry Prices


Entry for car+driver (and up to 3 passengers) - 15 - This gives you and your car access to the stand
Additional Adult Ticket - 12

Track session prices

TRACK SESSIONS must be purchased online on Castle Combe's website, go here

Click Book
Add your sessions
Top left of the screen, pop in WEEKENDRACE as the club code for a DISCOUNT on your track sessions.
Do your thang

Please note that on the day entry tickets will cost more and track sessions are very VERY limited.

Payment deadline
23rd March

Car requirements

Castle Combe requires all cars to be up to MOT standards to be eligible for the general sessions. Although the scrutineers reserve the right to refuse any car track time which, in their opinion, does not conform to their general regulations. Castle Combe requires all cars to pass a 100db at 4500rpm static test 1/2 a metre away from the exhaust outlet. All cars must be wearing road going tyres, NO SLICKS (semi slicks are OK!)

Passengers on track

Passengers can turn up on the day, pay 5, sign their life away and then you are able to go in any car as a passenger.

What do I do now?

You need to get your payment to me ASAP, the fastest method currently to secure a place on our stand is PayPal, you need to work out the full amount payable and send it to willay(at) gmail(dot) com AS A GIFT so no charges occur!

If you don't mark the payment as a gift I refuse the right to process your tickets or refund the FULL amount you sent.

Then you need to message me your name, full postage address, car type, registration, colour and what tickets you want - PLEASE BE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT SO YOUR ORDER DOESNT GET LOST

If you wish to send me the payment by other means such as Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash (at your own risk!) then you need to message me.

Got that? Good, lets get going.


Coming? Then put yourself down on the FB event


Paul Joslin
Michael Bland
Michael Pridding
Ollie Crowe
Mike Bailey
Alex White
Neil Robson
Sarah Robson
Ant Stonehouse
Ryan Talbot
Ben Gray
Jason Lycett
Lee Rickard
Tom Gosling
Oli Danker
Steve Maughan
Sean Scorer
Tom Sanders
Aeron Scale
Matt Goodwin
Alex Holtum
Danny Else
Luke Snape
Ben Dronfield
Gavin Thomas
Lee Hearsey
Richard Pickford
David Powell
Ian G
Tom Simes
Rhys Lewis
Simon Nicholls
Rich Dakin
Tom Edwards

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