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posted on 11th May 06 at 17:33

You may customise how dates are displayed throughout the site by editing the 'Date Format' section of your profile.

The following letters are used to make up your date format:

j - day of the month, 1 to 31
d - day of the month with a leading zero, 01 to 31.

D - day as three letters of text, Mon to Sun
l - lowercase letter L - day as text, Monday to Sunday

S - st, nd, rd or th. Use with j.

F - full month name, January to December
M - short month name, Jan to Dec
n - month number, 1 to 12
m - month nubmer with leading zero, 01 to 12

y - two digit year, ie. 06
Y - two digit year ie. 2006

Just simply tag the letters together to make your desired format.

Some examples include:

jS M y - 15th Jan 06
jS F Y - 15th January 2006
d/m/y - 15/01/06
l jS F - Sunday 15th January

Use this link to edit - or the 'My Profile' link, top right.

[Edited on 11-05-2006 by Ian]