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posted on 9th Apr 20 at 12:57

I think it does have a time and place but I have also seen alot of them that are just begging opertunities ...

Ie Sandra can't afford a new car to take her kids to school in. Bus? Walk?

End of the day we all have the free will to ignore them as we see fit. As long as they are not forcing it on vulnerable groups it's probably not a massive issue.


posted on 5th Apr 20 at 02:25

If you give you money away willingly, is it a con?

Did we discuss on on here a while back, guy injured himself on holiday and needed transporting home but he'd not got insurance, deliberated jumped or something, can't remember. I do think I did say that anyone who volunteered money was silly.


posted on 4th Apr 20 at 21:08

You are not alone in thinking its a con. There should be a commissioned study on this as its actually quite disturbing. The older I get the less I understand humans and their mob like sheeple behaviour. Social media brought us social virtue signalling the most bullshit mongoloid behaviour ever conceived.


posted on 4th Apr 20 at 19:21

Yep completely unregulated and massively open to abuse!


posted on 4th Apr 20 at 17:42

I think I would agree with most of that.


posted on 4th Apr 20 at 16:51

Am I alone in thinking some of this is really a con.. and I donít necessarily mean the actual people trying to con.. ok losing a child is beyond imaginable regardless of the circumstances, and the legitimate people who canít afford to pay for funeral costs I understand people wanting to help which is very admirable.. but is it checked beforehand if the parents (for example) can or cannot afford to pay for the funeral? Also, when it states something like Ď4 thousand pounds is the targetí why is it not stopped once the target is reached? Because isnít that the point of the target? Iíve seen it a lot but the other day in and around 85 grand had been reached (which begs the question why people keep donating when they can see the target has clearly been met) and what really gets me is, in brackets become it basically stated Ďany further money goes to the familyí - I mean.... I really donít get it. I donít want to come across as an asshole, because Iím all for money being given when itís legitimate, but the family keep the surplus? Why isnít that given to charity or something? Will the money be donated to charity by the family? Iím doubting it. I just donít get it. Anyone who can rationalise it or make it make sense to me please feel free.