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posted on 27th Jul 17 at 11:14

Uploads to a Prem garage are world readable, yes.

Show everywhere, you can use the image link directly so there's no wrap around landing page like on PB.

Issue with the CS system is it resizes to what is now a fairly small size and its a bit sketchy on anything other than a PC

Indeed it needs to be a fairly small image before its even sent there.

The modern uploaders that will accept any size and type of file from any device are significantly more complicated.

[Edited on 27-07-2017 by Ian]


posted on 27th Jul 17 at 11:10

Do you still have the gallery feature at the moment? Can't i just use that? Does it allow photos to show on other sites?


posted on 26th Jul 17 at 22:20

Would be lovely but its going to want and app and all sorts of compatibility shit, I got half way through developing one and I'd probably make it free if it brought some traffic but just a massive programming project and something that would probably crash massively and need me to own three phones to test, big job and it scares me.

On the plus side the designs were mega - auto sorting based on time / date / geo and event data, ANPR with a VIN lookup so you could search photos on model/spec, colour search, incident view so if two people were either side of a corner when someone crashed on track you could get the opposing viewpoint etc. etc. the data side was mostly designed and the creation of that is just copying the designs so very easy.

Getting the data in though - twat and I know nothing about it. Upload on a PC was a major faff and uploading bigger images on many different devices looks even less fun.


posted on 26th Jul 17 at 21:20

Now that photobucket has changed its shit. Was thinking cs photo hosting might be good. Tried a couple of others but can't get on stuff them. Flickr won't even let me login