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1.6 Sport BadBoy

posted on 24th Sep 03 at 18:12

TBH wif you'z, for the minute, all i want is a nice sound, something to couple with a perfromance exhaust. i really cant afford to pay too high an insurance cover with having too many mods. i really fancied that blitz sonic power air filter but thought it would be too much hastle to fit. maybe not now tho, i'll make it fit! lol :D Cheers Guys

Juha GSi

posted on 24th Sep 03 at 18:04

you can fit almost any aftermarket induction kit, it doesnt matter if its from supra to corsa, if you have room to fit it in enginebay. all you need is right size metal, fiberglass or carbonpipe and some rubber or silicone hose.

it might require some work. but after all isnt all things around cars just some work?

i have filter wich has 85mm neck size and its been in my corsa 2 years now. i you really want you it can do it, no probs.

1.6 Sport BadBoy

posted on 24th Sep 03 at 17:59

so what sort ov sound should i expect from a drilled airbox?:boggle:


posted on 24th Sep 03 at 17:57

no induction kit will sound better an give a tad more power, but viper is the best imo!

1.6 Sport BadBoy

posted on 24th Sep 03 at 17:56

cheers peeps for replying and helping me out. reet, what it is with the induction kits is that K&N make one for the 1.6 GSi but not 1.6 Ecotec, as wif the pipercross viper kit. i work in motorworld and have phoned all our major suppliers but none can come up with the goods for a 1.6 Sport. Plus to the fact, the max power haynes manuel car is the same as mine and he's gotta K&N induction kit on there :P

Anywho, so if i have da money, go for the viper but drilling the airbox wif a performance filter will do the job better than an induction kit? - cheers chewbaccaman for that link, very helpful :thumbs:

Paul H

posted on 24th Sep 03 at 09:33

try this it's cheap at the mo


posted on 24th Sep 03 at 08:48

i'd also agree with the airbox and panel filter route after taking off my induction kit :)

revs more freely imo and drives much better from cold.


posted on 24th Sep 03 at 06:56

get the viper if u have the money then a new inlet


posted on 24th Sep 03 at 00:34

yer what penis said u cant have them induction kits, it being a ecoteck dont make a slight bit of difference


posted on 23rd Sep 03 at 22:28

id agree drill box and a panel filter


posted on 23rd Sep 03 at 22:25

you can fit n e one of the insuction kits you listed to your car....

who said ecotecs can't have them?


posted on 23rd Sep 03 at 22:08

Agreed drilled box with K&N panel with some cold air feeds, the viper induction kit is better but for 250 its allot of money, there was a thread up earlier, a corsa was put on the rollers with an induction kit, then drilled box then viper, the drilled box gained 4 bhp over the induction kit and the viper gained about 4or 5 Bhp over the drilled box
hope that helps


posted on 23rd Sep 03 at 21:48

drilled airbox.

1.6 Sport BadBoy

posted on 23rd Sep 03 at 21:17

hey peeps,

reet, finally have a sercure source of income now and im wanting to start modding my 1.6 sport. Now, with mine being an ecotec, i cant get a viper induction kit, pippercross induction kit or a K&N induction kit :(

i know basically all these different fitments are a way of making more money out of us so i reckon i could fit an induction kit from a different car with the same mm intake diametre.

but what i want to know is what u guys suggest? induction? Pannel? Drilled Airbox?

thanks to everyone who reads and replies to this thread :thumbs: