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posted on 26th Sep 03 at 10:20

wiring loom is completely seperated now Im hoping, fingers crossed the EPS is ok, I think all I got left to do is drop lump in, wire it up and get the pipes on, then plug in dash, get cat n key with chip off the lad, and see if it goes!!! on the plus side, Ive put in the loom ready for foglites, and Ive got some calibra heated seat elements(BTW PEEPS BLACK LEATHER INTERIOR IN CALIBRA AT TRAYNORS OF GRANTHAM-SEARCH WWW.YELL.CO.UK FOR FONE NUMBER!!!)
Just need some elements to get the seats wired up

The Guru

posted on 26th Sep 03 at 07:18

Yeah pretty much, how much you got left to do?


posted on 25th Sep 03 at 10:27

thats good news mate- ive fitted the ecu over behind the glovebox!!! bit of a long way away but me thinks it will be ok there, today I gotta go get some plugs from the breakers to patch some loom up from the gsi lump to the cars loom, then I gotta get the lump in and bolted down etc I think :) with a bit of luck Im coming to the easy part :)

The Guru was your wiring loom all over the place on ur old lump too?

The Guru

Icon depicting mood of post posted on 25th Sep 03 at 08:57

You'll get away with the EPS.. Ive stil got mine with 2.0l 16v. And the best place to put the ECU is to cable tie it under the dash.. coz you wont fit it behind the kick panel coz of the EPS control unit:thumbs:


posted on 23rd Sep 03 at 08:31

going to see if I can use a belt of a corsa sport or SRi 16v like fish's or Lee's,off to get me throttle cable n speedo cable hopefully today, all being well the engine SHUD be sat in engine bay end of today

Gary GSi

posted on 22nd Sep 03 at 21:08

If you can get away with using your EPS just remove the powersteering pump from the engine and get a shorter ancillary drive belt.Get a piece of string.Wrap it round all the pulley except the power steering one. Then with a tape measure see how long a belt you need the go to a motor factors and tell them you need a ? groove alternator belt ? cm long.:thumbs: Try allwoods or part co.

[Edited on 22-09-2003 by Gary GSi]


posted on 22nd Sep 03 at 18:28

well think things are bk on track dudes :) 2 worries :( the 2 plack plugs from the loom off the gsi I havent newhere to plug em to, and then theres the power steerin pump which I dont actually need cos I got EPS?


posted on 22nd Sep 03 at 17:53

its on the left hand side of the engine


posted on 22nd Sep 03 at 17:39

thats solely the panel for the EPS- I found the ecu is on the bk of the engine!!! :o


posted on 22nd Sep 03 at 17:26

in the drivers footwell behind the panel on you r right

[Edited on 22-09-2003 by AdamF]


Icon depicting mood of post posted on 22nd Sep 03 at 17:23

as aboe please peeps!!! currently hunting for it