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posted on 28th Aug 03 at 17:48

I am alright without them, got TSW Evo R's, they have a plate that sits over the top of the bolts held on with a really big nut. The nuts a bugger to get off without causing damage putting people off bothering to nick em.


posted on 28th Aug 03 at 17:24

thanks every 1


posted on 28th Aug 03 at 00:00

You shouldn't tighten locking nuts up as much as normal nuts. I overtightened my McGard ones and knackered the key :(


posted on 27th Aug 03 at 23:46

yeh, i got vaux ones that came stanard on alloys, might get new alloys and use some lock nuts what they give me, so 2 sets, but if in doubt, just use 4 sets lol, take the theive a bit longer s:D


posted on 27th Aug 03 at 22:57

i bought two sets of locking studs from vauxhall they seem to be the same as McGuard and the bloke behind the counter said they were as strong as normal bolts. And at 25 quid a set did'nt seem tooo pricey:)


posted on 27th Aug 03 at 18:45

yeah that was what i was thinking (for strenght, and weight distribution, in case locking studs are heavier/lighter than std)


posted on 27th Aug 03 at 18:17

Locking studs are not as strong as regular bolts, especialy if there the cheep and crappy tri-lock type. If you do use two locking bolts on each wheel make sure you put hem on oposite each other and not adjacent.


posted on 27th Aug 03 at 18:12

ive got a set of mcguard wheels locking bolts (1 on each wheel) and the 3 std other studs, so u think it will b ok with 2 std studs, 1 mcguard stud, and another locking stud i have?



posted on 27th Aug 03 at 17:57

Should get bolts with 10 sides on them :P

Nobody would have a socket for them.


posted on 27th Aug 03 at 17:53

i've got bolts on mine which need a special head to get them off ( all 4 bolts on the wheels)

may be you could try getting some of these to go with what you already have?

Paul H

Icon depicting mood of post posted on 27th Aug 03 at 17:53

i run my corsa c with 2 sets of locking nuts and it's fine:thumbs:


posted on 27th Aug 03 at 17:47

Basically, im goin 2 college nxt wk (through an apprenticeship), dont know what the area is gonna b like> I dont want my alloys on my corsa b (4 stud)gettin nicked, So will it b ok with 2 locking bolts? I know the bolts r supposed 2 b weaker than std ones, shurely they will b ok?

what u all think?