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posted on 28th Jul 03 at 12:19

i fitted a set of foggies to my td,im no electrician and i dont know the terminology so i did the easiest thing for me and bought the kit from halfords for $12,took 30mins tops,hope this helps


posted on 28th Jul 03 at 09:58

best place get a wiring diagram is from a haynes book, tells you everything in there. I've got a corsa B so cant tell you myself.


posted on 28th Jul 03 at 09:55

I'd like to use the fuse box but i can't work out where all the connections are going, hence the wiring diagram request. But knowing now that it's not being controlled at all by the ECU i might just give it a go anyway and see.

Thanks for the help, if anyone has a wiring diagram i'd still like to get my hands on it if possible.



posted on 28th Jul 03 at 09:51

Ive wired up similar spots before on another car. These were fused inline from the beams to the relay, not inside the car, its easier that way I think but not as standard as using the fuse box for example. ECU has no part to play in it. Most cars tend to have redundant wires in them as they are produced for all models and then use whatever wires are needed for the model type, IE no fogs and having fogs, wires tend to be there.


posted on 28th Jul 03 at 09:33

Sounds about right, i've got all the parts as they came with the lamps. Have you tested this yourself?

I wasn't sure whether or not the ECU has anything to do with it. as it appears that there is already wireing and a fuse spot for this


posted on 28th Jul 03 at 09:28

Right, you need a switch and a relay then. Heres a quick guide:
4 point relay,
1-To the lights
2-Switch (off side)
3-Swith on side
4-Link to high beams + wire.

This should them mean as you switch your high beams on there will be power into the relay. Then you use your switch to turn on the spots.

Other side of the spots just link to the car body somewhere.

Sound ok or confusing??


posted on 28th Jul 03 at 09:23

I'm keen to put them on with the high beams, but with a switch in between to allow me to choose not to use them.


posted on 28th Jul 03 at 09:17

how do you want to connect them? Come one when your main lights are on? Independant switched or what exactly?


posted on 28th Jul 03 at 08:21



posted on 27th Jul 03 at 14:08

I'm trying to connect 2 Hella spotlights to my Corsa C.

I've noticed that there is a spot in the fuse box for additional lights, but there's a few things i'm not sure about.

Does anyone have any advice on how to connect spot lights or alternativly does anyone have a wiring diagram that might help me.