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posted on 11th Apr 17 at 13:31

Not familiar with that, probably wise to strip it down and see what is what before buying anything.


posted on 11th Apr 17 at 12:53

Cheers for the help so far Ian. One more question...

I have read online that Vauxhall started to do a steering rack repair kit which contained some sort of rubber mount part that fixed the common steering rack issues you speak about. I think this is it:$_58.JPG

Or this:

Have you seen these before? Will it help my situation or is it unrelated?


posted on 11th Apr 17 at 11:31

Part yes, loose yes, dangerous not really but not ideal. Will get worse, doubtful that you'd lose steering but vagueness isn't the best news.

It'll probably fail next time so it needs doing.

Normally needs tracking afterwards so if you're wondering whether to do it yourself factor that in.

[Edited on 11-04-2017 by Ian]


posted on 11th Apr 17 at 07:28


Would this be the cause of the slightly 'loose' feel with the steering (not as precise as it once was) and the slight knocking noise I hear when moving the wheel left and right quickly (while stationary). It sounds like the noise is in the column so was going to check the UJ?

You say it's common - Is it dangerous? Will it eventually give and break?

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posted on 10th Apr 17 at 23:43

Rack ends fairly common on the C


posted on 10th Apr 17 at 20:26

Got advisory for the following:

Nearside Front Play in steering rack inner joint(s) ()
Offside Front Play in steering rack inner joint(s) ()

Can someone show me exactly what part needs replacing please? Not sure if its the rod ends, the rack mounts? or something else?