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posted on 16th Oct 16 at 20:17

Those splines are a bit of an interference fit as well, might find it'll seat down a bit more after you get a start on it.

Whether you can of course, doesn't look much to get it going.


posted on 16th Oct 16 at 18:47

Well, I managed to get a full refund for the boss and exchanged it for a new, non-airbag boss.

Although the horn ring now fits, the boss STILL doesn't fit far enough on the column to get a nut on. What the **** is wrong here?


posted on 3rd Oct 16 at 21:02

If I take the squib off, then it all fits perfectly, still with a small gap between wheel and column shroud. I'm leaning to the fact that I was given the wrong wheel and squib. Which of course means, if that is the case, I need a non-airbag boss and a non-airbag wheel to get the horn ring from.


posted on 3rd Oct 16 at 20:33

The columns are different although I've never seen that if its all from the same car.


posted on 3rd Oct 16 at 20:19

Now that's what I'm not sure about. The column and wheel came from a breaker on ebay - supposedly complete. But I've nothing to prove that it wasn't a column pulled from one shelf of bits and a wheel and squib pulled from another. I'm wondering if the non-airbag horn ring/squib is slightly shallower than the airbag one, which would let the wheel sit further down the splines, giving me enough threads to get the nut on.


posted on 3rd Oct 16 at 20:12

Is it all from the same donor?


posted on 3rd Oct 16 at 20:01

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone here will be able to offer some advice!

I've got a Corsa B eps column fitted to a mk1 Ford Escort, it's all connected up, I kept the whole thing Vauxhall, so it's only the U/J at the bottom that connects with the Escort bulkhead, everything else including the switchgear and ignition is still Corsa, I'm really happy with it.

The problem is trying to fit a steering wheel back on!

I've got both the original airbag wheel (minus explosives!) and a brand new genuine OMP wheel and Corsa B airbag boss adapter, both sourced from YB Racing. They fit, splines are good, and plenty of thread for the nut to engage and lock them on..... but ONLY when the horn/airbag ring is not fitted!

Here's what I mean:

The column measurements are:

Spline diameter = 15.6 mm
Spline length = 14.6 mm
Thread diameter = 14.0 mm
Thread length = 11.7 mm

Do I need a different horn/airbag ring?