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posted on 1st Aug 16 at 09:21

Well I feel like a right idiot, turns out its mastic. Can only imagine how many people read this thread and facepalmed :lol: Problem solved.

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posted on 31st Jul 16 at 20:23

Post a couple of pictures bud, it may be an after,arked thing some nutter has done.


posted on 31st Jul 16 at 18:51

The driver side front wing on my 2000 Corsa B has some rust damage and and I plan on swapping it over with one from a scrappy. From what I have read the front wings are meant to be just bolted on, but after taking a look my front wings are seam welded to the strut turrets. The welds are colour matched too. Has this been done by a previous owner or are the tutorials incorrect about them just being bolt-on? Or am I thick and the welds aren't on the wing (definitely look like they are though). Don't want to spend 30-40 quid on a replacement panel if I can't get the old one off.

Thanks in advance.

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