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posted on 7th Aug 16 at 22:06

Yer Am going to have look after my holiday, what mangememt is a early dizzy type is it 2.5? Thanks for the quick reply a:)


posted on 7th Aug 16 at 21:45

Basically it needs the sensor working, if it was fine without Vauxhall wouldn't have gone to the expense of using one.

Need to see whether the loom / management compatibility issue is applicable or if not check all the wiring over for breaks.


posted on 7th Aug 16 at 21:30

Will try and repair when I get back off my holiday, thanks. The car doesn't suffer from lost of performance as pulls hard in every gear, not sure about fuel I do about 200+ plus miles to 35 not sure what you suppose to get


posted on 7th Aug 16 at 17:51

Originally posted by Rigby
Could you run the car with the sensor unplugged?

Yes but you're getting the fall-back map which although better than what you have still won't be optimal for performance / fuel consumption etc.

Tempting to run like that but fixing the fault is preferable.

Few suggesting in here -

Ranging from broken wires to running wrong sensors for that version of ECU and loom so first thing to check is that is all correct, by the looks of things 2.5 is only designed to read 0 or 5v whereas 2.8 gives a range of voltages based on throttle position.


posted on 7th Aug 16 at 16:47

Constant threads for help, gets some and ignores the few responses he does get.

Wonder why people don't bother with help section? There's your answer.

Good luck

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posted on 29th Jul 16 at 16:12

It runs perfect with the tps sensor unplugged idles perfect pulls hard it just when plugged in it stalls when you come to a stop. Could you run the car with the sensor unplugged?


posted on 29th Jul 16 at 15:12

Have you tried cleaning out the idle control valve? It's on the back of the engine under the inlet manifold is usually a culprit for cutting out when coming to a standstill


posted on 29th Jul 16 at 13:21

I'm not expert on wiring.

But if you're sure the fault is there, firstly make sure sensor you're using is working properly, even the replacement could be faulty if not new.

Then trace back the wiring going to it


posted on 29th Jul 16 at 06:59

Isn't this forum so where to get help?


posted on 29th Jul 16 at 06:34

Get rid all I see is help posts about ur broken c20xe


posted on 28th Jul 16 at 22:06

My c20xe has a fault high voltage to the tps sensor so changed it and still has same code run and idles fine just stalls when comes to a stop, and when I unplug the sensor it runs perfect done about 150 miles with it unplugged? Any suggestions would