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posted on 18th Nov 13 at 07:59

Found out the problem, the key lost signal to the transponder. So when i went to start it again the ecu locked itself as it thought i was trying to steal the car. Got the key & ecu recoded. Works a treat now :)


posted on 18th Nov 13 at 00:23

aup i didnt snap the key in the ignition but ive had the same problem... just turning over and wont fire up? try the main earth from the ecu going to the gearbox. worth a try might be a quick fix!!


posted on 15th Nov 13 at 10:28

The spanner symbol usually means that the vehicle needs to be serviced or there's a problem with the engine.


posted on 1st Nov 13 at 06:46

I don't know then dude sorry.


posted on 31st Oct 13 at 21:53

Its the chip shes been driving the car with since she bought it.


posted on 31st Oct 13 at 21:43

It does sound like you've not got the correct chip in the key.


posted on 31st Oct 13 at 20:59

Its a remote, swapped it over when i first jumped started it & drove it 10 mins home. Turned it off & it wouldn't start & light was flashing. Could the key have list signal with the transponder?


posted on 31st Oct 13 at 20:34

Depending on the key, if it's a remote just swap over the blade, and the barrel, and keep the main body of the key with the little chip inside. If it's a key you put in the door lock to open it, split it the plastic bit and swap over the chip into the new key, and fit the new barrel.

Just swapping the barrel and key over shouldn't case any problems, but you'll need the chip from the original key, inside the new key.


posted on 31st Oct 13 at 19:53

Ive put all original equipment back in. Fan problem has stopped, no fault codes but flashing spanner is back. The black chip thing is still in the key fob. Does it come out or open up?


posted on 31st Oct 13 at 19:31

Are you sure the chip hasn't been dislodged?


posted on 31st Oct 13 at 13:01

Anyone any idea at all. Ive searched to no avail.


posted on 30th Oct 13 at 20:06

Right, changed ecu, transponder ring at barrel, bcm unit, speedo & key all from same car.

The flashing car/spanner has stopped but stays lit when ignition is on. Still wont start though a gault code has showed up p0115 & fan constantly runs!! Any help would be great guys im losing the will to live!


posted on 29th Oct 13 at 22:04

I also fully charged the battery but still the same.


posted on 29th Oct 13 at 22:02

Hi guys. My girlfriends corsa had a snapped ignition barrel. The ignition was stuck on so ran battery flat. I replaced barrel & stuck her key insert with chip into new key.

I then had to jump start the car. Started first time & drove ten mins home. Since then every time i go to start the car its shows the flashing car/ spanner symbol on the dash. It turns over but won't start.

I don't see what could have changed since i drove it home? Any help would be great as she needs it for work & im scratching my head!