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Kyle T

posted on 13th Mar 13 at 11:12

Aye that would explain it. When we initially took the old knackered waterpump off a shed load of water came out, despite the fact the drain tap had been open without a drip for several hours.

Seems like a job well done then, my mate drove to work in it this morning with no drama - the temp settles nicely at 90 and the radiator fan kicks in and switches off as expected.

Shame the heating is still luke warm, though it's better than nothing...


posted on 12th Mar 13 at 22:33

Heaters are always shite in those Corsa c's lol, might need the heater matrix flushing. With the cooling system taking 5lt.... That sounds right but you will never be able to get all the water out so if its run up and at the max level then it should be fine

Kyle T

posted on 12th Mar 13 at 22:01

Decided to tackle this again today, was a piece of cake using a wrench on the pulley nut! Cheers guys.

Another question though, the manual claims 5l coolant capacity in this car but after we flushed the system with clean water (and allowed to drain) we could only get 3l of liquid back in! Idled the car with ages with the cap off and gave all the tubes a good massage and the level hasn't dropped since. Took the car out for a drive and temp raised to 90 and held there as expected. Let the car cool down and the coolant didn't fall substantially.

Also, the heaters in this car were always a bit naff and I put this down to the leaking water pump which we now replaced... The heaters are still Luke warm though, any idea what else to check for?


posted on 10th Mar 13 at 12:01

New ones from vaux are a hit and miss. Most have came pretentioned with a pin. 2 or 3 out of he 15 or so I've done havnt. Stick it in a vice or in a huge pair of grips. Then sick aload of cable ties in it to hold the spring. Then once you've got it out of the vice work quickly to get it bolted back up before the ties eventually snap haha

Kyle T

posted on 10th Mar 13 at 10:34

Cheers Jay, car is gonna be parked up for the week I think, so we'll have another crack on Saturday.

After succesfully removing an engine mount, removing the most coroded bolts on the planet and draining the coolant from a drainage tap tightened up by what could only have been a worlds strongest man contender... I really didn't expect to get stuck putting the aux belt back on :lol:

Subaru tensioner system is much better :o


posted on 9th Mar 13 at 19:44

No it won't come already compressed, just fit the tensioner back to the car then compress the spring bit and fit the belt :)

Kyle T

posted on 9th Mar 13 at 18:11

Thanks Gents.

Unfortunately we went impatiently in and removed the tensioner completely from the equation by unbolting the red ringed bolt completely along with another bolt at the base of the spring (just out of shot).

This allowed us to remove the belt, and waterpump (the purpose of the job was to replace a broken water pump) but when we came to refit everything this tensioner has halted out progress.

We just cannot bend/compress it back into a position which allows us to seat the belt back on all the pulley's.

Am I right in thinking that a new tensioner from vauxhall will arrive pre-compressed with a retaining pin in place? Will that make it easier to get this car back on the road?


posted on 9th Mar 13 at 16:54

as above the bolt under is the bolt you want, id spray the tensioner with some lubricant as there always solid


posted on 9th Mar 13 at 16:04

The big torx bolt under the red circle that looks like it holds the pully on.... Move that clockwise and it will take the tension off

Kyle T

posted on 9th Mar 13 at 12:46

Any ideas how the tensioner pulley works on these?

If I loosen off the bolt marked in the red circle, and push on the belt - I seem to get some movement from the spring, but I can't find out how to compress the spring and loosen the belt enough to remove it.