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posted on 2nd May 03 at 16:26

I bought my car in december 2000 with 22k miles and i have 3 dealer services and 3 intrem oil changes by dealer and 2 oil changes done by myself and every time i use engine flush. So i say yes to flush. Oh and my car has done 49624 miles :) Lee :wave:


posted on 2nd May 03 at 11:15

ah ok ... i missed that :thumbs:


posted on 2nd May 03 at 10:50

hes servicing a friends car.


posted on 2nd May 03 at 10:45

@ Red_ Sxi do u really think u need to use engine flush?? uve got a relatively new car dont u??? as long as u regularly change oil and filter u shouldnt have to. i change every 5000km n totally disregard the books 15000km recommendation.


posted on 2nd May 03 at 10:03

:lol: i will remind him of that ;)


posted on 2nd May 03 at 09:26

cheap my arse, its coz he's used to the pound, wait until he makes aus dollars then he'll notice the price.


posted on 2nd May 03 at 09:21

yeah it is over hear :lol: my mate jst emigrated to the land of OZ and he is loving how cheap it is out there :(


posted on 2nd May 03 at 09:20

i know u guys wont do this but u can also use desiel fuel. no i'm not a quack but it works the same as degreaser but for half the price of engine flush.....unless desiel is expensive there.


posted on 2nd May 03 at 09:14

OK cheers mate


posted on 2nd May 03 at 09:08

put the engine flush in first before u empty the sump run it for bout 10 mins then when the oils fairly warm not too hot undo the sump and drain oil. Simple :)


posted on 2nd May 03 at 09:06

u buy it from any motor store, its called engine flush, and you do exactly what it says on the tin

u shouldn't use engine flush on high mileage cars though unless its been constantly done before, as there is a chance you can dislodge a big lump of buildup & this get stuck somewhere else causing all sorts of damage

[Edited on 02-05-2003 by Gambit]


posted on 2nd May 03 at 09:01

How is this done?

I take it that i remove all the oil from the engine first, then put this solution through the engine let it run through and then drain out?

And where to i buy if from?

A speedy reply is appreciated as i'm servicing my mates car today.