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posted on 29th Jun 12 at 11:14

The higher the number the thicker the oil

First number refers to oil when its cold (10w)
Second number refers to oil when at operating temp

If you do change your filter, remember to fill up the oil to required level, then check the level again once you have turned engine on, let it run and then turn it off and allowed to cool. As some will need to fill up the new filter


posted on 28th Jun 12 at 14:18

The 1.0 12v only holds about 3.5L so you'll be fine buying 4 and keeping the rest for top ups.

When filling up just put 2L in, check dipstick, top up half a litre at a time until you're just a smidge under the max mark on the stick.


posted on 28th Jun 12 at 13:53

I used to put 3.5 litres of 20w50 in my 1.2 8v for engines over 100000km and i do the same with the 1.6


posted on 28th Jun 12 at 13:32

Is 4 litres of 10w40 enough? or do I need a bit more than 4?


posted on 28th Jun 12 at 13:19

Interested in changing the oil/oil filter on my 12v corsa. How much oil does it take to hit between both markers on the dipstick? And I'm looking at getting slightly thicker oil to lessen the engine noise, until I can change the chain anyway. What oil is thicker? lower numbers like 5w30 or higher like 15w40? I don't really get the oil numbers. I heard it was something related to the temperature it works at or..?