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posted on 8th Mar 12 at 16:05

Ok cheers mate think I got it now. Know anyone that wants a 1.4 engine? Lol


posted on 8th Mar 12 at 15:33

the plug on the right will stay in the engine bay but yes with the car


posted on 8th Mar 12 at 13:37

I've taken out that main loom that was linked to the ecu,so now that terminal and the 2 plugs you've pictured is that what I leave in the car and the rest I don't need?

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posted on 8th Mar 12 at 09:29

Ok mate cheers,I'm going to the car in a bit so il have a look


posted on 8th Mar 12 at 09:14

In the drivers footwell there is a plug that looks like this:

unplug that all pull the loom up through the bulkhead into the engine bay.

Then at the back of the engine, there is a plug(on the right in the pic below)

Follow that plug back to the alternator and starter motor and remove it from them.

The rest of the wiring can go with the engine as you WILL NOT need it

Hope this helps


posted on 7th Mar 12 at 23:54

I get the charging loom bit but dunno if I'm being a bit thick,don't get the bit 'engine loom plugs back'?? I wish there was people in my area that could come and show me! Lol


posted on 7th Mar 12 at 23:52

engine can go with the full engine loom, basically everything from the plugs in the drivers kick plate forward, all you need is the woring from the engine loom plugs back and the charging loom off the engine that goes from the battery to starter and alternator


posted on 7th Mar 12 at 23:42

Im putting an early xe into a 1.4 sport and I want to use one of them twag conversion looms if I can get hold of one?? And I want to know what wiring I need to keep from the Corsa? I want to sell the 1.4 engine but not realise after Ive sold it that I've sold it with a part of wiring that I need!