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posted on 27th Jan 12 at 22:42

its just the same as before, the fan kicks in at about 97, brings it down to about 95 but once im moving it just runs pretty cool anyway, motorway driving it will be under 90, town driving, about 92, thats with a new thermostat in too


posted on 27th Jan 12 at 04:07

Does it work now, mine doesnt kick in untill about,102 - 104


posted on 26th Jan 12 at 23:03

Fixed it now, just replaced the fan switch and put a new plug on the wire as the contacts were a bit corroded on the original

Jed D

posted on 26th Jan 12 at 14:02

i had this problem aswell and after changing the fan switch, changing the temp sensor, checking voltage, checking everything basically, it still wouldn't work.
i just put the fan on a manual switch and wired it upto were gsi's have the front fog switch. fused it under the scuttle...


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 20:21

my c14se aka sri fan always kicked in at like 92 never liked that so now i done my engine conversion i hooked it up to a switch so i can turn on when and needed much better i think


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 20:21

careful not to thread it when removing/fitting the new one. it seems people do this quite easily as it's in an awkward position.


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 19:50

ok, ill be on it tomorrow. hope it is that


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 19:47

Can get them from most motor factors. They'll have them in stock


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 19:45

ok, well i took the connector off that and give it a spray with wd40, ill go to vauxhall tomorrow and buy one, or order one at least


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 19:43

Look down the left hand side of the radiator, theres a plug with wires going into it thats the fan switch.


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 19:25

sweet, i thought it could be that, where is that located?


posted on 25th Jan 12 at 19:24

I had the same problem, was the fan switch. Cost about 8 for a new one iirc, its a plug on the left side of the rad.

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Icon depicting mood of post posted on 25th Jan 12 at 19:09

The cooling fan on my 1994 corsa sri (1.4 8v C14SE) has stopped kicking in... its fine while driving as it runs at around 90 degrees anyway but if im sat in traffic it just gets hotter and hotter and the fan doesnt work.
I have tested the fan direct to the battery and that works fine.
Ive checked the fan plug with my multimeter and when it gets to about 95 degrees it shows 13v
so something is telling it to work but could it be possible that there is a relay thats not working properly?
I am a bit lost with this one :/