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Jed D

posted on 4th Nov 11 at 09:08

lambda is basically an oxygen sensor... when i had the oebd kit on mine last night we went through all the options on it and lambda came up... its flicks between rich and lean as it tells the ecu more fuel, less fuel...

not 100% but could have something to do with it, would check the above first though, id go for air leak tbh mate


posted on 4th Nov 11 at 09:01

That's brilliant mate thankyou !! Could the lambda be a part of the problem ??


posted on 4th Nov 11 at 07:14

Just means the mixture can't be managed correctly because the ECU is trying to change the amount of air and fuel and the results aren't correct.

Basically something on the fuelling supply side or air - usually a leak - would cause it.

First thing to do is to idle it and spray brake cleaner around the intake, if any is taken in the engine should rev up because it's more flammable, which will give you clues to the leak.

If that doesn't work, fuel supply, filter, pump etc. are the next things to check. Poor quality fuel can also sometimes cause it.


posted on 4th Nov 11 at 07:02

Thanks alot dan ! Could this turn out to be an expensive fix ? Will it do any harm to the engine ??


posted on 3rd Nov 11 at 23:17

code 0170: fuel trim bank 1 malfunction
possible causes: intake leak, AIR system, fuel pressure/pump,



posted on 3rd Nov 11 at 22:49

Nice one lads ! Had a look on topbuzz and cnt seem to find my fault code anywhere ! Don't no what to do next ?? Any ideas ?

Jed D

posted on 3rd Nov 11 at 19:31

yes mate thats rite, only just been teaching myself about this today... paper clip test told me the same thing a 2k bit of kit did lol
check out topbuzz or something to find out what that code is for your engine :thumbs:


posted on 3rd Nov 11 at 18:59

yes it does


posted on 3rd Nov 11 at 12:56

just done the paper clip test and got 10 flashes then 1 then 7 then 10 ! does this mean the code is 0170


posted on 3rd Nov 11 at 12:31



posted on 2nd Nov 11 at 17:39

Hey, my engine management light on my corsa b keeps comin on within 10 to 15 minutes of driving ! It's never done this before until I took it for it's mot and it needed a new cat and lambda ! Since I got it bk the eml has been playing up ! Could the new cat and lambda have anything to do with it ??? All replys welcome !

[Edited on 04-11-2011 by Ian]