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posted on 9th Jun 05 at 09:27

buy a ground loop isolator from maplin for 7. goes in line with RCA and makes a hell of a diffrence


posted on 17th Apr 03 at 11:19

Had and still have the buzzing prob, ive ran my RCA down the center console under the carpet, and earthed it really well away from any elec sources, but still get the buzzing, but only slightly now...

do you get a lot of static build up in your car? every time i get out mine i get a shock, a fookin big as well.... when i garage it at night, if i close the door without touchin the body and then grab the garge door i get a fookin shock... perhap one of those crapy lookin dangling things would help? haven't tried it yet though...


posted on 16th Apr 03 at 09:38

:lol: i had the buzzing noise and does it get of ur nerves or wot? it was my headunit that was doin it, i sent it bk 2 kenwood and am borrowing a m8z cd player and no probs at all


posted on 16th Apr 03 at 07:15

as a last resort, buy an inline surpressor from halfords for 15. Fits inline with RCA and stops buzzing. (acts a bit like a dolby button on a tape deck)


posted on 13th Apr 03 at 08:46

change your earthing point, move everything to the same earth point using the shortest possible cable. You will need to make sure the earthing point you choose is totally clear from paint/rust etc...

If moving the RCA's hasn't helped, try the earthing


posted on 11th Apr 03 at 19:09

I'd just like to end this post session by saying...

I wired up the RCA cabling to the other side of the car, AND IT MADE NOT ONE JOT OF DIFFERENCE!

Thanks for valued opinions though.



posted on 10th Apr 03 at 11:00

well i have got a wooden frame built around back seats......... but not screwed to them. the front is all clvered in and spaces for the amps to pop throught but its great to change wires or fix anything as just drop back seats and easy to get to good idea i thought and dont have to unscrew all the wood :)


posted on 10th Apr 03 at 10:58

wheres ur amp secured to m8 ???


posted on 10th Apr 03 at 06:57

just to the floor of the boot behind the seats


posted on 9th Apr 03 at 22:01

Also 'fletch' whereabout you got it earthed? mines inside the back of the break lights thing somewhere!


posted on 9th Apr 03 at 21:59

I understant what you are saying, but I get a cracklinkg noise say if i put my indicator on, or brake, just slightly, so surely its obviously something power related?


posted on 9th Apr 03 at 12:57

hi mate........... the buzzing noise means a bad earth........ i run my RCA and power cable down the left side of the car and i get no buzzing what so ever.... u need to make sure that its earthed well........ i have got 3 things earthed at the same place and its fine......... the guy at bass junkies said a power cap helps stop that , i got one of those so prob helps aswell but no need to change rca sides


posted on 8th Apr 03 at 23:41

i had the same problem, took the seats and carpet out, ran the cables underneath on separate sides of the cars, and crossed the 2 RCA leads at 90 degrees and everything, and it make f all difference cos my amp has a grounding problem. Try a mates amp first and see if you have the same problem, if you do, then fair enough, but it might save some un-needed work. Im upgrading to an 800w amp anyway, cant take the noise any more!! lol (does sound quite funny with the fans on tho, like the racing car noises the F1 game on the NES used to make!)

[Edited on 08-04-2003 by drunkenfool]


posted on 8th Apr 03 at 23:25

I was hoping for an easier solution, but if its got to be done, ITS GOT TO BE DONE!



posted on 8th Apr 03 at 23:22

yeah, run the cables separately. :rolleyes:


posted on 8th Apr 03 at 23:15

OK, When i put the cables in for my sound system, I commited the cardinal sin of laying the RCA cables next to the power cables along the left hand side of the car, just underneath the plastic door interior part.

Now I have come to realise the problem, am fed up with the buzzing, and want to rectify the problem.

Any ideas of what I can do, I would rather not rewire the whole thing down the other side, perhaps seperating the wires will get rid of the buzzing?

Thanks in advance for any help.